Details on the new models come from Jon Prosser:

Prototyping for iPhone 12 devices is just about finalised! Final details line up pretty well with what Kuo said last year! Expect to see CAD renders of the devices within the next month or two from your favourite leakers! Now let’s see if Apple can get them out by EOY!

The information details four potential models in the iPhone 12 family.

Two models of the iPhone 12 are listed, one with a 5.4 inch screen, one with a 6.1 inch screen. Next is the iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1 inch screen. Finally the iPhone 12 Pro Max will sport a 6.7 inch screen. The latter two models come with a 3 camera setup plus a Lidar sensor in a stainless steel body. The two former handsets come with aluminium bodies and two cameras.

The 6.1 inch iPhone 12, the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 Pro, and the 6.7 inch iPhone 12 Pro Max all follow the pattern of last year’s iPhone 11 family. The addition of the Lidar sensor will follow its inclusion in the iPad Pro launched last month – especially as that same Lidar sensor is a natural fit for the current iPhone design of the camera island.

It’s the fourth model at the lowest end that is of most interest.

The first thought is this is the 2020 version of the iPhone SE. Unfortunately the heavily rumoured specs don’t match up the information here – Apple’s return to the SE brand is expected to have a 4.7 inch screen, a single camera, and the A13 chip that matches the iPhone 11 family.