This device is an extremely complicated piece of kit. When replacing the screen, the phone is completely stripped down and transplanted to a new LCD and frame, a far more complicated repair then that of an iPhone or Samsung.

Our top technicians have decided to share their wisdom and show you the detailed process that goes into completing a Sony Xperia X Compact Screen Replacement:

Step 1 – Removing The Back Cover

Start by heating the back cover on a heat plate. This softens the adhesive and stops you from bending and misshaping the component. Use your picks to ease around the back cover until it comes away from the body.

Step 2 – Removing The Back Frame and Camera

There are seven screws in the back frame, remove all and place them in a designated area for later. Use your plastic spludger to disconnect the battery connector. Once this is disconnected, proceed with disconnecting both camera and audio connectors. It is now safe to remove the back frame.

Use your spludger to remove the front camera from the assembly. Follow the same process for the back camera.

Step 3 – Removing The Loudspeaker

Remove the screw in the far right corner of the device. Use your spludger to disconnect the vibrating motor connector from the motherboard. The frame for the loudspeaker should now be removable.

Step 4 – Removing The Motherboard

Disconnect the charging port connector with the spludger. Now use the spludger to raise the motherboard from the assembly. Once the motherboard is raised, disconnect the LCD/touchscreen connectors from the motherboard. It should now be free from the assembly.

Step 5 – Applying New LCD/Frame

Start by transplanting the home/volume flex onto the the new frame. Use specialised tweezers to disconnect from the previous assembly. Next, transplant the earpiece over to the new LCD/Frame using your plastic spludger.

Step 6 – Reattaching Motherboard

Reconnect both the LCD and touchscreen connectors. Place the motherboard inside the frame. Be extremely careful, ensure that the charging port and audio jack connector does not get trapped under the motherboard. Both connectors are now safe to connect to the motherboard.

Step 7 – Reconnecting The Camera And Audio Jack Connectors

Use your plastic spludger to connect your front camera into the motherboard. Do the same for the rear camera. When connecting both cameras, do not press down to hard as this can internally damage these components.

Step 8 – Reconnecting The Loudspeaker

Push the loudspeaker board back into place. Once in place, use your tweezers to reconnect the vibrating motor’s connector onto the motherboard. Now place the screw back into the designated screw hole.

Step 9 – Relocating The Back Frame

Place the back frame in the correct position, aligning the screw holes on the back frame and assembly. Lift the battery connector and the camera and audio main flex over the top of the back frame. Place the original screws back into the seven holes located on the frame. You are now able to reconnect the main flex and battery connector.

Step 10 – Reapply The Back Cover

Carefully place the special adhesive sheet onto the back cover. Slowly press this cover onto the back of the assembly. Ensure that this is done with caution as the back place is prone to misshaping when handled with force.

As you can see, a Sony Xperia Screen Replacement is an extremely complicated repair.  A repair of this difficulty should always be handled by an experienced technician. Our techs are trained to the highest standard and have vast experience in repairing all mobile phones and tablets.

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