Samsung’s most exciting smartphone of 2019 may have been given a reprieve, but there are no such problems for the slick new Galaxy Note 10. It is even changing shape, as expected.

Picked up by ever-alert Dutch site Mobielkopen, the Galaxy Note 10 has just been tested on popular benchmarking site html5test and it reveals the phone is changing aspect ratio. The Note 10 will elongate from the Note 9’s 18.5:9 dimensions to the 19:9 ratio of the Galaxy S10. And this makes sense.

The Note 10 is widely expected to switch to the Galaxy S10’s Infinity-O display (central positioning aside) and this means a thinner bezel at the top which then requires a taller screen. The cut-out has split opinion since the S10 line-up launched, but it does mean the massive 6.75-inch display of the Note 10 can be squeezed into a chassis little bigger than the 6.4-inch Note 9.

One question you may have about the html5test results is quoted screen resolution of 412 x 869 pixels, but this is typical of all the site’s benchmarking which always downgrades the native resolution. As such, it is actually valuable because the numbers confirm the aspect ratio and the real resolution because the 1440 x 3040 pixel Galaxy S10 also records a 412 x 869 result in the test.

Consequently, it appears everything is coming together smoothly for the Galaxy Note 10. And this year, the new Note is far more than a copy of the S line-up. It contains next generation RAM and storage, an upgraded quad camera and potentially game-changing charging speeds. There will also be a smaller budget version for the first time.

So pro tip: stay away from the Galaxy S10 line-up unless you get a huge discount because the Galaxy Note 10 is going to blow them all out of the water.