We’re not expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy Note 20 until August, but it might have just shown it – or a vision for the Samsung Galaxy Note 30 – in a new advert.

The advert, which you can see below, is for a wind-free air conditioner, but at the 55-second mark a smartphone is shown that has an angular design much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but unlike that phone there’s no visible front-facing camera, suggesting it’s either built into the screen, or in a pop-up module.

If this looks familiar it’s because it isn’t even the first time Samsung has shown off this design. It recently showed an image of a similar-looking phone on one of its websites.

But before you get too excited, this probably isn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It’s unlikely the company would give us such a clear look at that phone ahead of launch, and it’s rumoured that while Samsung is working on in-screen camera tech, it isn’t ready yet.

That said, given that Samsung is seemingly working on the tech, as well as experimenting with pop-up cameras, we can’t totally rule out this being the Galaxy Note 20.

More likely though this is a generic phone, but potentially a vision for how Samsung wants its smartphones to look in future. It’s clear that both Samsung and most other manufacturers are doing all they can to shrink and eliminate bezels and visible front cameras, so this might not be far off how the Samsung Galaxy Note 30 will look.