iphone wont turn on

What should you do if your iPhone wont turn on? You may think that your phone is damaged and needs repairing… Don’t panic, there may be a simple solution to this that we can help you with. There are a number of different steps that you can go through to get your iPhone to start up, before you consider your mobile phone repair options.

Please take a look at our step by step guide.

    1. Try to restart your iPhone
      iphone wont turn on


It seems very obvious, but you should initially check to see if your iPhone has actually turned off. Hold down the power button on the top of the iPhone for a few seconds to see if it comes on.

    1. Check the power button

      iphone wont turn on

      Check the power button on your iPhone to see if it is too hard to press. If it feels too hard to press you may require an internal flex replacement. This is a very simple fix that any mobile phone repair technician can do.

    2. Charge your iPhone
      iphone wont turn on


Plugging your iPhone in bypasses the on/off button and turns the device on once the charge is sufficient. If the battery is dead then this takes around 3-5 minutes to charge up and come on.

  1. Check your cable and plug

    iphone wont turn on

    iPhone chargers, leads and plug sockets can be faulty. Try a different iPhone charger and also try a different plug socket to see if your phone will eventually charge up. Again, wait for around 3-5 minutes to see if any charge kicks in.

  2. LCD fail

    iphone wont turn on

    If the above has not solved the issue and your iPhone wont turn on, the LCD may have actually failed. In this case your iPhone may have charged but the device may look blank and thereby you wont be able to see if your phone is off or on. To eliminate this possibility all you need to do after having the device plugged in for 5 minutes, is to flick the vibrate button on and then off or vice versa. The device will either vibrate or not and of course if it vibrates then this indicates the device is actually on and needs a new screen .

  3. Common problems when an iPhone wont turn on

    A mobile phone repair technician will usually identify a number of common problems when an iPhone wont turn on and they can be based around the following:

    • The battery needs to be replaced on the iPhone.
    • A new bottom dock may be required which is where the charge port disconnects and you may have noticed that you have to wiggle the bottom connector to get the iPhone charging. These parts of the phone do get a huge amount of wear and tear so have a tendency to fail.
    • There are other faults possible, such as a power loop, the dreaded water damage and even a Main IC chip failure but again these will be assessed by a technician.
  4. Mobile phone repair

    iphone wont turn on

    If your iPhone wont turn on after following the steps above, then it is advisable to get in contact with a professional, mobile phone repair technician to advise the next steps with your beloved iPhone. It is best to contact a reputable iPhone technician or company.

    If you have run through these steps and your iPhone wont turn on please book a mobile phone repair at ifixedrepairs.net or pop in to one of our stores.