The iPhone battery life is all dependant on what model iPhone you have and how long you have been using that iPhone for. With each new iPhone model released apple have improved the battery life on their devices but they are still lagging behind their competitors when it comes to battery life. There are ways to conserve your battery to make it last longer that I have spoken briefly about in past blog posts.

The iPhone battery has a lot of misconception surrounding it in terms of what can be done to improve or it or make it last longer than its shelf life and if charging your device more than once a day will affect the battery life of the device. The iPhone battery life and how it long it will last it all depends on the battery cycle. Apple have said their iPhones have 500 charge cycles before their batteries start working at below their 80% charge capacity. A full charge cycle is charging your phone from when its dead till its 100% that counts as one charge cycle. Charging your phone for a little while when it’s on to get the battery percentage up doesn’t count as a charge cycle. As iPhones have lithium-ion based batteries it’s good to completely drain the battery once a month to prolong the shelf life of the battery.

Apple have said that their iPhones can offer up to 8 hours of talk time per charge. That is the capacity of their average battery life but we all know everyone’s battery is used differently on an individual basis. Hence why some user’s battery may last longer than others for various reasons as we knew with the first batch of iPhone 6 devices had a major battery fault in them that they had to be recalled. In that case that was a fault on Apples part. The more you use your device the more battery you will use up (simple, right?) especially as a lot of us use apps such as Facebook, twitter, snapchat and Instagram that are literally battery killers. That’s what happens when using high powered apps all at once a way to combat that is to use the web version sites of these social media outlets.

As with an iPhone it’s not like any other normal phone where you can just open the back of it and take out the contents you usually need to go to engineers to do that. You can get an iPhone battery replacement here at repairly. We offer that service to customers as we know with time and constant use your battery won’t work at the same level it did when it was new. We at iFixed feel customers should be able to have a suitable battery that won’t die on them. You get a new battery for your iPhone replaced by our apple approved engineers for a great price.