Attempting to repair your own mobile can be extremely risky. Tampering with your device can lead to further damages and ultimately costing you more money.

But there is a particular repair you must not attempt unless you are a qualified technician. Attempting to replace your battery is one of the most dangerous repairs in the industry. But an iPhone battery replacement sounds simple, right? Removing the battery from the device is extremely tricky and if not done correctly can lead to the battery smoking, setting fire or even exploding.

iphone battery

Our most recent example, a customer attempted to replace the battery in their iPhone 6. After removing the screen, they tried to remove the battery out of the device accidentally puncturing it.  The battery started to smoke and caught fire, leading to a fried battery and an obsolete phone. Without experience, skill and knowledge this procedure became hazardous. Although, the customer has now destroyed their mobile the consequence could have been a lot worse…

Step 1: Ensure your work space is neat and tidy. You will be removing lots of tiny screws and can be easily lost on a messy work top.

Step 2: Start to remove the two screws at the bottom of the device either side of the charging port. Make sure there is a designated space for these particular screws.

Step 3: Use your iSesamo tool to ease open the screen. Make sure you start at the bottom of the screen near the charging port as this is where you have loosened the device’s structure. You should then be able to lift up the screen.

Step 4: Always disconnect the battery before trying to replace it. Remove the bracket over the FPC connectors. Ensure you put the two screws in a distinctive place.

Step 5: Use your plastic spludger to disconnect the FPC connectors. Be extremely gentle, you can easily remove the socket on the logic board which will inevitably break the battery connector completely.

Step 6: Move onto removing the screen. Unscrew bracket over the logic board.

Step 7: Again, use your plastic spludger to remove the front-camera connectors and sensor cable connector. Move onto the home button connector, then the display data connector and finally the digitizer cable connector. Once again, be careful not to dislodge the sockets on the logic board. The screen should now be removable.

Step 8:  You will need to remove the vibrating motor. This is essential for the iPhone 6 model as when you try to remove the adhesive strips in the later steps, there is a possibility of tearing them when the motor is still connected.  After removing the screws, carefully use tweezers to grip a remove the motor.

Step 9: There are two flaps at the bottom of the battery. Gently peel back the first adhesive flap with your tweezers. Be careful to to pierce the battery in the process.

Step 10: Use your tweezers to grip the flap and twist to gain a tighter grip. Slowly pull the adhesive strip until it is completely removed. Repeat steps with the opposite strip.

Step 11: Hey presto, your battery should now be removable.

When putting the mobile back together there are three golden rules you must follow:

– Ensure all of the screws are placed back into the correct holes. Many of the screws are different lengths. If you were to put the wrong screw in the wrong hole, you could screw into the mobile’s motherboard. Ultimately, destroying the phone.

– When reconnecting the display data cable, make sure it is securely connected. If this connector was to separate from the logic board, your screen would go blank or develop white lines.

– Do not press down in the centre of the digitizer cable when reconnecting to the logic board. If not connected correctly, you could corrupt and damage the digitizer.

As you can see, an iPhone battery replacement is one of the most hazardous repairs in the industry. This type of repair should always be conducted by a technician. Our technicians are intensely trained on this particular repair, ensuring they are able to complete this repair to an exceptional standard.

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