iphone 7 water damage

Over the past year, liquid damaged mobile phones and tablets accounted for 25% of all repairs in our mail-in repair centre, not too far behind screen replacements. But why are liquid damage repairs so popular?

After speaking to our customer service and repair centre team, it’s evident as to why liquid damaged devices are so common. Reasons such as dropping your phone down the loo or losing grip of your tablet in the bath are weekly occurrences. However, the most common culprits are household items such as fizzy drinks, tea, perfume and moisturiser. Exposing your device to these items can cause internal chaos.

When liquid makes its way into your mobile phone and tablet, it doesn’t take long for corrosion and oxidation to kick in. These evil symptoms can spread throughout the device corroding and rusting components, ultimately destroying phone. Even if your device seems to be working perfectly, corrosion is a slow and silent killer. If your device has been subject to an accidental spillage and you haven’t had it checked out by a professional, it may be worth having a diagnostic to ensure it’s safe and sound.

The liquid damage repair process is extremely intricate, it can take up to 3 hours to fully restore a mobile phone. Here is a bitesize guide on the long and tricky process:

– The device must be stripped of it’s main components such as it’s screen and battery as they can be damaged, even destroyed by the UltraSonic cleaner.

– For those that don’t know, the UltraSonic cleaner helps remove both corrosion and rust. The cleaner is filled with isopropanol, a 99.9% alcohol solution, which is then heated, working away at the unwanted damage caused from exposure to liquid.

–  The devices are placed into the UltraSonic cleaner. You must wait as long as an hour for the super solution to remove all corrosion and rust.

– After completing it’s lengthy time in the UltraSonic cleaner, it must be left on the heat tray for around 5 minutes, to warm the device ahead of cleaning.

– It must then be scrubbed down, working across all of the device removing any excess glue from the assembly. This manual clean is key to the process as any extra adhesive will stop the screen and battery from sitting flush.

– The battery must then be stuck back into place using specialised adhesive tape. This tape will secure the battery but give it enough play for slight expansion.

–  The device is then put in for a post analysis, checking it’s functionality. It will be routinely checked with the highest precision, ensuring that the device complies with our exceptional standards. At that point we are able to give a thumbs up to the repair.

– The device must then be reassembled to together, ensuring that the device is secured and looking good as new!

To find out more about the lengthy process our technicians undertake on every liquid damage repair, check out our step-by-step guide.

As you can expect, not all liquid damaged devices can be brought back to life. Some that make their way to our repair centre are non repairable, this is just the nature of the repair.

On the other hand, iFixed are proud to have one of the highest success rates within the industry with over 82% of all liquid damaged mobile phones and tablets are restored back to working order.

If you feel that your device is in need of liquid damage repair, please contact us on 01707707273