Here are some of the ways you can use this feature:

One of the features of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is 3D touch. At first, many thought it was a bit of a pointless gimmick but it can actually be very useful!

  • Save time and skip steps in apps… pressing down harder on an app on your homepage will bring up a menu which lets you jump directly to a specific action or function. This doesn’t work on all app just yet but we will be seeing more and more pop up! If you want to record a slo-mo video. just press down on your camera app and choose ‘record slo-mo’!
  • Peek and pop… this function allows you to have a look something without actually opening it and leaving the page you’re on. Want to check if you’re clicking on the right email? Hold it down and it will open in a smaller window. Swiping it up brings up a small menu which gives you the options of replying, forwarding, marking, notify and moving. It works on a range of things such as links, photos.
  • Quickly contact someone… pressing on a contact’s photo in just about any app allows you to quickly call, message or FaceTime them. Not only that but you don’t even have to type anymore- pressing down on a conversation and swiping up brings up a list of quick replies including ‘ok’, ‘thanks’ and ‘talk later’.
  • Look at your recent photos while taking a new one… with the camera app open, pressing on the thumbnail of your last photo taken allows you to peek at the photo, and scroll through your camera roll. Taking your fingers off the screen will then return you to the camera app.
  • Sketching using different strokes… Opening the notes app and selecting the squiggly line once a note is open gives you the option to draw rather than type. Depending on how much pressure you apply you can create different types of strokes, and when using the eraser a harder press allows you to erase a larger area.
  • Switching between apps… double tapping the home button to switch between apps was a helpful feature but the 3D touch option is even quicker. Pressing down on the left-hand side and swiping right takes you to the app you last used! Pressing harder on the left will also bring up the multitasking menu, giving you access to all your open apps.

So 3D touch is kinda cool, huh?

iphone 3d touch