google pixel 2 screen repair

Completing this repair takes skill and precision. Our Android expert has put together 5 tips all professional technicians follow when performing this repair:

Google Pixel 2 Screen Replacement – Top 5 Tech Tips 

A Google Pixel 2 Screen Replacement is difficult and should not be attempted unless you are an experienced in Mobile Phone Repairs. Here are some top tips on how to fix a broken Google Pixel 2 Screen.

  • Before attempting to prise open the screen, the device must be heated on a hotplate or with a heat gun for approximately 30 seconds. This softens the strong adhesive, making it much easier to split.
  • There are two covers over the screen connector. Use tweezers and a plastic spludger to remove, but do not to apply too much force as connectors are prone to being damaged.
  • Once the new screen has been reconnected, it’s essential to perform a screen test. By testing all of the keys on the keyboard and dragging an App around the screen, we can search for any dead pixels or defects.
  • Before applying the strong adhesive, all glue should be removed. Any glue can lead to the screen sitting uneven on the mid-frame. Isopropanol alcohol rub is perfect for cleaning up the device.
  • Once the screen has been fitted, tape is fitted around the phone keeping the repair solid, allowing the glue to set and form without the risk of the bonding separating.

Once the glue has set, the device is quality checked and shipped back to its owner.

google pixel 2 screen repair