Samsung is gearing up for its first big launch of the year with its annual Galaxy Unpacked event set to take place in San Francisco tomorrow.

The Korean tech giant is expected to reveal its new Galaxy S20 range, which will include bigger, flashier screens as well as some exciting new camera tech.

But there will be another trick up Samsung’s sleeve during the Unpacked event. The company is expected to unveil its new folding phone, which it debuted in a surprise advert during the 2020 Oscars ceremony last night.

The ad featured the new flip phone, thought to be named the Galaxy Z Flip, in black and purple. It showcased the clamshell folding design of the phone, as well as ways to use it including answering video calls on the device and playing music.

Here’s what we know so far…

Samsung folding phone: the Galaxy Z Flip?

There’s a few potential names circling for the new Samsung folding phone including the Galaxy Z Flip and a possible code-name of Galaxy Bloom.

Given that the new phone is sporting a clamshell design, similar to the updated Motorola Razr which launched last year, going with Flip in the name is probably the most likely.

Samsung didn’t confirm a name in the advert on Sunday night, choosing to end the clip with the slogan, “Change the shape of the future.”

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: design

If last year’s Galaxy Fold looked like an iPad Mini when open, the new Galaxy Z Flip looks like an old-school flip phone except this time the inside is made of an ultra-thin glass screen that bends in half.

The benefits of using thin glass instead of plastic means that hopefully, the Z Flip won’t run into the problems the Fold had, such as a major crease in the middle of the screen, defective hinges and consistent screen flickering. However, it’s likely there will be a plastic screen protector over the top to ensure the display doesn’t get scratched.

Ben Geskin posted a leaked hands-on video to Twitter over the weekend which demonstrates how the phone looks when its open and shut.

When folded shut, the Z Flip should be easier to slip into your pocket, unlike the Galaxy Fold. It will have a 1.06-inch OLED display on the front, and will open up to a 6.7-inch full ultra HD+ screen. Samsung’s S20+ is expected to have a 6.-7inch screen, whilst the S20+ Ultra could have a 6.9-inch screen so being able to fold it up and carry it around in a compact form is certainly beneficial.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: cameras

It appears that Samsung is keeping things rather simple when it comes to the cameras on the new folding phone. It’s likely that Z Flip will have two 12-megapixel cameras on the back of the one – one wide-angle lens and one ultra-wide angle lens. Then, when the phone is opened up, there will be a punch-hole camera on the front, which should be about 10-megapixels.

In comparison, leaked renders of the Galaxy S20 point to it having four lenses on the back of the phone. A mere two camera lenses are a lot easier to contend with.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: specs

Inside the new Samsung folding phone, it is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 855+ chip which promises better speeds and performance. By comparison, the new Motorola Razr will ship with a mid-range Snapdragon 710 chip which won’t be able to handle some of the more demanding multitasking and AI capabilities that the flagship phones can.

If you’re weighing up which one to buy, the power of the phone is certainly something to take into consideration.

In addition, the phone is predicted to have a 3,300mAh battery which offers reverse wireless charging, and it will have a capacitive fingerprint sensor on the side.

Interestingly, the new folding phone will not support 5G. Samsung has been a big proponent of 5G tech, releasing five different 5G phones last year and selling 6.7 million versions of these devices throughout 2019. Therefore it’s puzzling that the company has decided to leave out the 5G factor when it comes to the Galaxy Z Flip.

The folding phone will run Android 10 with Samsung’s One UI 2 skin on top.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: release date and price

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Z Flip at its Unpacked event next week on Tuesday, February 11 and it could be on sale as early as February 14 according to WinFuture.

Price-wise, it could be on sale for around €1,599 – the same as the Motorola Razr and a lot cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which retails for £1,900.