If your screen has been damaged, it’s sometimes hard to determine the extent of the damage. Below we have explained the difference between a damaged front screen and a broken LCD screen.

  • Front Screen – the glass screen is there to protect your LCD screen and to enhance your viewing pleasure.
  • LCD Screen –  The LCD screen is a vital part of the device and is in place to supply the touch response function and improve the display features.

What Repair Do You Need?

  • Front Screen Repair – If you have cracked your front screen but everything is still functioning on the device and it lights up then you will only require a front screen repair.
  • LCD Screen Repair – If your device is not lighting up and is not functioning properly this is a huge indication you will require an LCD screen replacement/repair. Other signs include black or blurred spots, discoloured areas of your screen or the screen has black/dim areas.

It’s important that you get a cracked screen repaired straight away. Because eventually, this could get worse very quickly and then lead to more damage, that will add to the overall cost of the repair.

At iFixed we repair a huge number of cracked screens and broken LCD screens every week on a variety of different devices from iPhone to Sony Xperia, you can see all our available screen repair options and other repair services here.

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