Apple’s newest version of its MacBook Pro laptop will have a completely redesigned keyboard mechanism following customer complaints.

Earlier this year, the company admitted that issues affecting MacBook keyboards were caused by a design flaw and not by misuse.

The new keyboard, being described as the “magic keyboard” uses a redesigned version of the scissor mechanism which Apple replaced with a butterfly mechanism in 2015.

Some customers had complained about the butterfly mechanism, claiming it was faulty and led to keyboards repeating some letters or simply not responding at all.

Apple was forced to offer free repairs.

At the time, it said it had redesigned the mechanism for the next generation of its MacBook products, but according to the new announcement it has been completely replaced.

Apple said its new laptop was switching to a “refined” version of a previous mechanism, which will provide the “best typing experience ever in a Mac notebook”.

It will sell from £2,399, although in its most expensive configuration could be more than double.

The company said it could offer up to 11 hours of battery life.

Apple will hope the battery improvement doesn’t cause the same issues seen in its 15-inch laptops sold primarily between September 2015 and February 2017.

The company recalled a number of them due to a battery issue which could have caused them to overheat and catch fire.