We have all been there, travelling along the motorway using your iPhone as a sat nav, and then suddenly the battery has hit 0% and your trusted device powers down. You are then left frantically scrambling around your centre console looking for a cable to get your iPhone charging up.

iphone battery replacement

Whilst iPhones are powerful and intuitive gadgets that are arguably sitting at the very top of the Smartphone perch, the fun and eye-catching design comes at a price, and that price is always battery life.

Before getting an iPhone battery replacement you can often help improve your phones battery life by tweaking some of the settings on your phone.

Take a look at 14 of our best battery saving tips here, and if these don’t work then find out what you can do next.


iFixed Tip #1 – Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

Dynamic backgrounds are simply animated wallpapers that you will see moving around when you are on your homescreen. As you can expect these type of wallpapers will use more of your iPhone’s resources, as the background is constantly changing. The best thing to do initially is switch this background off and look at setting a static background to your phone, either a photo or a plain backdrop will help improve the life of your battery.

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To turn this setting off head into your Settings, and then Wallpaper and select an image from your photo gallery.


iFixed Tip #2 – Turn Your Brightness Down Low

The higher you set the brightness on your iPhone the more power it will consume, but you don’t want to set the slider too far down so its that dim you can’t see your screen. The alternative way is to use the Auto-Brightness feature that uses your iPhones ambient light sensor, which detects dark and bright places and then adjusts your screens brightness accordingly to the environment.

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What a lot of people don’t realise is that the auto-brightness actually uses up more of your battery because of the constant screen changes. You are best just setting your brightness to a lower setting, one that isn’t too dark but not too light.


iFixed Tip #3 – Don’t Set Automatic Updates

A lot of us fall into this trap because anything that’s automatic is good right? Yes its certainly convenient to have your apps automatically update for you so you don’t forget, but it can also be a massive drain on your battery life as well, especially if you happen to have plenty of apps on your phone that go through this automatic cycle when a new version of an app is released.

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To turn off this automatic feature you will need to head into Settings, and then go to iTunes & App Store, once here you will need to locate the Automatic Downloads section and then under Updates, flick the slider to the OFF position.


iFixed Tip #4 – Don’t Fetch New Data/Emails

Depending on how many email accounts you have setup on your phone will depend on the severity of this. The more email accounts that are refreshing in the background and looking for new messages the more you will find your battery decreasing at a quicker rate.

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With each refresh your phone is connecting to the network and downloading data. What you can do is either set a longer period for your phone to check for new emails or data, or you can switch it off altogether and just perform manual checks to help conserve power and ultimately keep your battery charged for a longer period of time.


iFixed Tip #5 – Don’t Keep Charging Your Battery When it’s Not Drained

One of the worst things you can do with your iPhone is to keep it connected to the mains charger constantly, because believe it or not this will only be detrimental to your battery’s life. Try not to charge it so much and for prolonged periods of time.

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Think of a battery having a memory, over the course of your phones life it will start to remember the point that you start to charge up your phone. Therefore, if you continually charge your battery when it hits the 50% mark, the battery will start to remember a percentage and think that the capacity of charge it can hold is less than 100%. Try letting your battery drop to below 20% but not right down to 0%.


iFixed Tip #6 – Switch Off Bluetooth Discovery

You probably use Bluetooth in your car to play music from your phone through your car’s audio system, or you may use it for wireless headphones at work. When Bluetooth is active it can be a big drain on your battery but what about when it is idle?

What many sites don’t tell you, is why Bluetooth can be such a menace to the life of your battery. The truth is that it’s not so much having Bluetooth on but having the discover mode on at all times. Having discovery mode on usually makes a noticeable difference, but with new Technology it rarely drains the battery when idle.

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It’s always a good idea to turn Bluetooth off when idle however, for security purposes so you don’t get any surprising connections.


iFixed Tip #7 – Turn off 3G/4G Connection

Quick data speed and the quality of calls, all stem from the connection you have on your phone. With 3G and 4G you are opening a door to higher power consumption and fast battery drain. The slower the network, the less your battery will drain.

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In some cases you will need a fast connection but sometimes it pays to move from 4G down to 3G unless you are downloading big sites or files.


iFixed Tip #8 – Turn off WiFi Connection

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The other popular connection that is used widely is Wi-Fi, and if you don’t need this or don’t use it then you can save your battery life by simply turning it off. The family sharing feature relies on using WiFi to help share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases.  By turning off WiFi you will be disabling these kind of services and features which will only aid in preserving battery life on your iPhone.


iFixed Tip #9 – Find Out What Apps Are Draining You

Introduced within iOS 8 is a new tool that has the ability to show you what apps are causing the most drain on your battery. You can select two different screen options here and look at a 24 hour period or a 3 day period, the data will be displayed in a percentage format with the biggest culprits shown at the top of the screen.

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Using this tool will give you some insight into how you can improve your battery life, whether you are looking to delete these apps or reduce some of the settings, it will aid better battery life for your iPhone.

You can find this tool under Settings, General and Usage.


iFixed Tip #10 – Turn Location Settings Off

Your iPhone will always be working away in the background, fetching data, using GPS and sending data over the network. With so much going on, it’s no wonder why Location services are one of the main contenders in sucking the life out of your battery.

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GPS will give you driving directions, pinpoint your location and it will also help you navigate to petrol stations, shopping centres, restaurants and landmarks.


iFixed Tip #11 – Stop Those Pesky Pop-Ups!

New for iOS 8 is the ability to access widgets from the Notification Center, where you can customise your Today view.  These widgets are fantastic as you can quickly see anything from football scores to weather updates, the issue when it comes to battery life is that these widgets are constantly exchanging data to bring you updates.

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The more widgets and more information transmitted, means the more battery life that gets zapped from your device.

Don’t panic though as you can now go into each widget and then enable or disable them by hitting the edit button.  Once done, you will notice a massive difference in the lifespan of your battery.

iFixed Tip #12 – Put Your Apps Into Boxes

You will notice that on your iPhone you have the ability to put single apps into a collective group box, not only is this feature great for keeping your apps organised but it also helps save battery life. An app that is on your homescreen will still be semi-active, so dragging it into a box will essentially close that app and ultimately save you some more battery time.

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Another quick tip is to close any existing apps that you have opened by double clicking the home button on your iPhone. This will show you apps that are currently semi-active on the phone, and they are usually apps that you have opened to use recently. To close these apps and save your battery simply swipe your finger up the screen on each of the apps, and they will disappear.

iFixed Tip #13 – Be Careful of Extreme Temperatures

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Leaving your phone on your car dashboard all night in the peak of Winter is just as bad as using your phone on the beach in Spain. The two ends of the temperature spectrum will either cause your phone to overheat or freeze up on you, this will in-turn have an adverse affect on the battery life of your phone so remember to keep your iPhone at room temperature to avoid any unnecessary battery draining or battery damage.

iFixed Tip #14 – Start Your Car Before Charging Your iPhone

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The other biggest damage that can occur to your battery is plugging your phone into your car charger before you have turned the engine on.

The spikes in voltage upon turning the cars ignition can have severe consequences on your poor iPhone’s battery, so if you are going to use a car charger, turn the car on before you connect your iPhone or charge it safely at home or in the office before you head out.

Still No Improvement? Get an iPhone Battery Replacement

iphone battery replacement

Even with all the tips we have listed above, you may still be experiencing battery issues and at this stage you will need to think about getting an iPhone battery replacement.  We know that turning some of these features off and on can be an inconvenience to your day, so here is what to do next.

At iFixed we offer an iPhone Battery Replacement service just pop into one of our stores of use our fast track postal service so no matter where you are located iFixed will be able to ditch that old battery and replace it with a shiny new one.

Prices start at £15 for an iPhone 4 battery replacement, offering the UK great value for money.

With a new battery fitted you will feel like you own a new phone.