With the iPhone 10 otherwise known as the iPhone X being by far Apple’s most expensive ever iPhone released, there were many in the industry sceptical about how popular it may be, however, it surpassed everyone’s expectations and sold out within 10 minutes during the pre-sales in the UK.

Below, we look into the top 10 features to look out for on this exciting new Apple device.

1. Crystal Clear Picture – The iPhone X is Apple’s first-ever iPhone that features an OLED Display. In short, this means the picture on this new iPhone is much clearer, crisp and vivid than ever before.

iphone x

2. Larger Screen – Despite being a smaller phone overall compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, incredibly it has a bigger screen which measures at 5.8 Inches compared to the 5.5 Inch screen of the iPhone 8 Plus, this is thanks to its new edge to edge screen design.

iphone x

3. Unlock With Your Face – This is not a new feature for the mobile world as we have seen this technology used before by Samsung, however, it is new for the iPhone and Apple claim that is the most foolproof face unlocking software ever made. They have stated this feature will work with a number of third-party apps and Apple Pay and the system will still work if you wear glasses, change your hairstyle, grow a moustache etc. Despite these remarkable claims by Apple, it has been proven by a few customers that this facial recognition software is not totally safe.

facial recognition

4. Wireless Charging – Along with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus the iPhone X is among the first group of iPhone to enable wireless charging.

wireless charging

5. Improved Camera – Despite having the same 12MP primary camera as the iPhone 7, the camera on the new iPhone X has been dramatically improved in terms of quality and performance. The new 12-megapixel camera has a build in wide angle lens and a second telephoto lens made for zooming which improves both the picture taking experience and photo quality.


6. No Home Button – This may take iPhone users some time to get used to, but Apple did this for a reason, so they could create a bigger screen without making the iPhone larger. Instead of using the home button users will be able to replicate the home button features by using gestures.

home button

7. Longer Battery Life – Despite having a smaller housing than the previous models of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple have actually increased the battery life on the iPhone X by 2 hours.


8. Water Resistant – The iPhone X is splash, water and dust resistant. However, these water resistance levels have not improved since the iPhone 7.

water resistant

9. Sturdy Structure – The iPhone X has been created entirely by robust glass and stainless steel. However, these changes may be for the worse as it may become more expensive to get repaired if the worst happens and it will gather fingerprints easier.


10. Introducing The Animoji – The animoji is an emoji which can be animated using your facial gestures using the TrueDepth camera build into the iPhone X.

These are some really strong improvements from Apple, especially after the iPhone 8 flop. Apple really needed to pull it out of the bag this time, especially as it’s been launched with an asking price of over £1,000 for the 256GB model.

iphone x