All the smartphone owners will understand the pain that comes along with a broken phone- heartbreak, heartache, no communication and sudden urge to reactivate your Facebook and Instagram accounts. When you have accidentally dropped your mobile phone on a night out or a party and smashed the screen, or dropped it off the center or the coffee table and chipped the volume button or let it slip down the toilet sink-there is a way out even if you are not having any kind of mobile insurance. Anyhow if you break or damage your phone, there are a lot of options at your disposal with thousands of retailers available globally who are readily available to recover your beloved device at the click of a button.

Below we have outlined 10 of the best places in the UK that will fix your beloved mobile phone fast and effectively.

mobile phone repair

Where can you get your phone fixed fast?

  1. iFixed Repairs

iFixed Repairs is a tablet and smart phone repair hub that focuses on catering to every brand there is. Be it smartphones, accessories, and other related products. iFixed has a solution for every possible problem there is.

  1. IMend

The online mobile phone repair firm is the first and the only one in the UK that offers a callout service that is they will come out to meet you at your doorstep and fix your phone on the spot as soon as possible.

  1. The Apple store

If you are an apple owner having a broken iPhone, you can also fix an appointment with a genius and an expert Engineer at your local Apple store to effectively have your phone assessed and repaired by the manufacturer themselves.

  1. Quick Mobile Fix

Unlike most of the mobile phone repair firms who only work on Apple and Android phones, the quick mobile fix will work on plenty of other brands such as Nokia, Oneplus and Xiaomi. While it does involve sending your handset to the firm, but there is a free delivery service of your handset and all the repairs include a free 1-year warranty.

  1. iSmash

The expert repair service Ismash fixes phones, MacBooks, tablets, iPads screen repairs including all sorts of water damaged devices and those with the cracked display screen.

  1. The fone Doctors

The professionals at the Fone doctors operate at a no fix no fee policy, so if they cannot repair your device or cannot get it working, you won’t be paying a penny.

  1. Timpson

If you prefer to have your smartphone fixed at a High Street retailer, at locksmiths and the jack-of-all-trades, Timpson is the best option.

  1. Team Know-how

It is a newly launched one-stop repair shop which was previously known for laptop breakdowns and upgrades but now they have started mobile phone repairs too. If your mobile phone is not working, there is obvious damage, you might find the solution at the free online self-help service.

  1. Repairly

This repair service is strictly available in London and the outskirts of London. Repairly is known to be one of the fastest repair services and their current average return time for the most damaged phone is 2 hours and 31 minutes.

  1. Fix factor

This mobile phone service centre is well known for all types of iPhone and Android screen repairs. They also deal with the selling and buying of second-hand mobile devices.