The phones swing around the person from day to night. It is there when you sleep and still by your side when you wake up. This makes the battery of the phone important because, without a battery, the phone is “dead” and has no use even by your side. Ifixed, basically from London makes sure about helping the customers. The company provides tips and tactics to help you save your battery. Smart phone repair in England will no longer be a hassle.

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Tricks to Stop Battery Drainage.

Carelessly using a mobile will not just lessen efficiency but will also affect the life of the mobile. Similarly, taking care of the battery will add to its life. mobile phone repairs at home is one way that we can lessen the expense on the phone. But you need to thorough with the tips and should know the exact implementation. Following are the tips:

  1. Mending the factory settings accordingly to save battery

According to the factory settings, wi-fi and GPS or maybe anything else might be on always. So if they are always working it is natural that they will eat your battery even when you are not using the phone.

Keeping the net and the navigation system off is advisable. This does not let any app to sync and work when the data is not on.

  1. Noticing the sound and battery settings.

Extra vibrations and animations eat up the battery. Also, the auto-setup battery and the vibrations in every touch, that comes when you buy the phone needs to be changed. These activities involve extra working of the battery even though it is not needed.

Some animated feature might feel attractive, but they can eat a lot of battery and thus should be avoided. If you are not able to figure out things completely, Ifixed helps you with settings.

  1. Taking care about the apps in a multiple-way:

While installing apps, we might not take care of the permissions we give the app. This also includes the app using the background and thus the battery gets drained. The apps might not get closed even hen we did.

This also includes the notification strategy. The notifications kept on will also use the battery when you might not even be looking at the phone. This means a complete waste of battery and when you want to use the phone, phones will be on low battery or dead.

Even if you are planning to go to Ifixed, they will help you with your battery analysis and also provide you the tips for handling the rest of the apps. Any change or care needed will also be told by the team.


This discussion will never be useless for anyone. This is not just about the importance of the battery for time pass but saving also, saving the battery for the right and efficient use of the mobile. Battery drain is a common problem and all this is to avoid the issue, as much as we can.