With some tweaks and easy tricks, a person can easily make the best use of his smartphone. Other than the standard or the normal use which one makes of their smartphone, you can use some easy tips and tricks to increase your mobile phone’s utility and avoid unwanted mobile phone repair. These tricks are not your run of the mill things which you do with your mobile phone, they are quite offbeat and will help you a lot in the long run. They are as follows-

iPhone 7 screen repair


  • Charge your Phone the Correct Way- This is one of the most basic things which all of us do wrong. While most of us leave mobile phones to get charged at night, in morning we find them at 100% battery level. This is a big mistake. One should charge their phone to about 80% only. This ensures a longer battery life. Also, if you can, then the use of fast chargers should be avoided. Fast chargers pump extra electricity into a battery to charge it fast, which reduces the battery life in the long run.
  • Keep Your Phone Cool- A phone which is hot is never good. Heat damages the internal parts of a phone and one must avoid it at all costs. To do that, remember to not use your phone in the sun, as that will require max brightness and the sunlight will automatically heat it up. Also, don’t forget your mobile phone on the table or the car, as that will heat it up real fast.
  • Service it regularly- Getting your mobile phone serviced from the right repairing service is an important task. Just like a car, getting your phone serviced will keep it running for a longer time. For phone repairs and service, your best bet will be Ifixed Repairs . To avail their services, all you need to do is leave your phone to your nearest service centre. 97% customers get their device back on the same day.
  • Stop connecting it to Every PC you find- A mobile phone picks up most of the bugs and viruses from a PC only. There are many mobile phone viruses which are known to cause heating issues in mobile phones. Some of them are also known for draining out the batteries at a drastic pace, and some just make the whole smartphone obsolete and unfix-able. Always remember to connect your phone only to that PC which has an antivirus.



While you can use these offbeat tips for making your smartphone last longer, when you are getting it repaired, you need to ensure that you were getting it done from the right place. The mobile phone repair services of Ifixed Repairs will suit you the best. They specialize in things such as screen repair, battery change, virus removal etc. Their prices are extremely reasonable and their quality of service is unmatchable. With so many repairmen to choose from, you wouldn’t want to make a wrong decision, which makes them your best option.