So that you can enjoy your mobile for a long time, it is worth to know a number of useful tips for with which you can keep your mobile phone fit. With these tips for cell phone care, we pursue different goals. On the one hand, we want to help you to use your smartphone efficiently in everyday use. At the same time, these tips also help extend the life of your mobile phone. And, as long as any repair is concerned, you have Ifixed Repairs with you. Any service regarding your smartphone is done here with 100% professionalism. Mobile phone repair has never been so easier before. 

mobile phone repair

Increase the standby time

The standby time is mainly the topic of smartphone care. This is due to the extensive functionality of the devices. There are various ways to increase the standby time. Activate features such as Bluetooth, W-LAN, GPS and Mobile data connection only when needed. These functions consume even in the unused state battery capacity. Deactivate the functions when not in use. Disable or uninstall unused apps and, applications. Each synchronisation reduces the standby time. Check if you can extend the distance between synchronisations.

Any lighting reduces standby time and should be kept to a minimum. Reduce the lighting time to less than 15 seconds. The increased transmission power with poor reception increases the energy consumption and reduces the battery capacity. If possible, wait for a better reception when using the smartphone. A defective memory card may cause a short circuit. This reduces the standby time and can further damage the hardware. Replace a damaged memory card directly.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Summer heat and freezing cold reduce the battery life. Do not lay your smartphone directly in the sun and protect it with a suitable cover against freezing temperatures. A defective memory card or app can cause increased heat, reduced standby time, or device shutdown. The following tips will help you to identify and fix the error. Remove the memory card and check if the error persists. If the device is now running properly, the memory card should be replaced. Further use may damage the hardware. If removing the memory card does not change it, you can remove the last installed app. 

Care for your display

The display is the essential part of your mobile phone and plays an important role in smartphone care. With its maintenance, you will not only keep your perspective, but also keep your phone fit with little effort. If your iPhone display is completely broken then do not try these minor tips. Come to the nearest I-Fixed service centre and get your iPhone 6 screen replacement done in affordable price. 

There are several ways to treat scratches. Light impurities can be removed with a simple microfiber cloth. For more stubborn contaminants, you can easily wet the cloth with a pH neutral cleaning solution or a display cleaner. Come to Ifixed Repairs, and learn a few tips to take care of your smartphone. Do not hesitate to ask the professionals if you have a damage, or broken smartphone.