Have you broken your phone? Planning to buy a new one? Or, thinking of getting it repaired? If you are a busy person, in any scenario you will have no time to either go to the nearest shopping mall to buy a new one, or to go to the nearest smartphone service center, waiting half an hour. Forcibly, you have to use the broken screen smartphone for the next two weeks – just because, you are a busy person. 

Well, now there is a solution. In ifixed Repairs, they provide pick and drop mobile repair services in the UK. Now, don’t give any excuses to buy a new one later, because the cost is also affordable. Obviously not all types of cellular breakdowns can be easily repaired, and above all done independently. Depending on the type of mobile you purchased it may be cheaper or less to do the mobile screen repair. And as we know, servicing the phone is way cheaper than buying a new one. Let’s see the basic phone repairing situations. 

Best mobile phone service in UK

The first type of repair – Breaking the screen from falling

This is the most common cause of breakage and can happen in different ways. Repairing a broken screen can be fairly simple and inexpensive or extremely expensive depending on how it is built. In both cases, it is necessary to disassemble the device. In some cases, the glass and the digitizer can be fused together, so the iPhone 5 screen repair operation can be affordable. In cases where the display is not fused to the glass, you can try to replace the glass by itself or the glass and the digitizer. Both are simple enough to repair.

The second type of cell phone repair – Headphone jack break 

Whenever action needs to be taken on disassembling parts of the phone, the failure rate can be increased. For the replacement of the headphone jack you have to do a lot of actions and the stress can often be to place on multiple points of contact while working on the open cell phone. When you will open the smartphone cover, you will see the “stand-alone” part, the headphone module, connected directly to the motherboard. Although they are sometimes connected to the speaker assembly. By the way, this part I very easy to repair or replace.

The third type of cell phone repair – Lock and release of buttons

Like the headphone jack, the keys can also be broken or have problems, and they too can be repaired and replaced in Ifixed smartphone repairing center, more or less easily depending on the phone and how easily it can be opened. You can purchase keys to replace the most broken phone buttons without too much trouble. Most buttons are connected by cables to the motherboard and it can be very delicate to replace them, so be careful when re-connecting the new hardware. Usually, you can find ways to replace the various power and volume buttons following the standard teardowns. Be sure to read and understand well in advance what needs to be done before buying spare parts.