My Smart phone repaired, I have to give it in a mobile phone repair shop and repair it. Is it very much necessary to bother that the data stored on my mobile? If so, how can I safeguard it? These are the questions that arise whenever we get such issues.  Yes, it is very much necessary to care about the data being stored in the device. It is also not so safe to hand over our mobile phones in such shops without any measures of protections. Any mobile phone can be repaired; it is our responsibility to take care of the data in it. Here are some common ideas to save our data.

phone for repair

Making a Backup

Google provides a way for this process. There are options available in all the mobile phones to save the important details in Google. We can synch the most important data like contacts, messages, passwords, photos, documents, videos, music etc. The process includes bank up, wiping and restoring.

Backing up- It is the process that saves the data to Google. To do so, follow Settings-> Accounts-> Google accounts-> select the data to be saved. Later, the data has to be wiped.

Wiping data- It is the process of retrieving data from Google. To do so, follow settings Settings-> backup and reset-> factory data reset and tap on reset phone. Later, the data has to be restored.

Restoring of data- This is the process that brings back the data back to our device for regular use. To do so, follow settings-> personal-> backup and restore and tick on the box near to automatic restore. Thus the data comes back to the mobile as it was earlier.

Using MicroSD Card as Storage

It is advisable to use MicroSD card as an external storage device since at the time they can be easily removed and inserted and use the data as it is. But, never forget to remove the SD card while giving a mobile phone to repair, because there are chances to lose data when there is a need to format the mobile. When it comes to the huge internal storage devices and absence of external storage device it is very much necessary for making a frequent backup for the device.

In case of Screen Repair

Since the usage of touch phones are very much high in number screen plays a vital role. The data present in the device is the software and the LCD is the hardware component. So there is no risk of losing the data in the device. If needed, the option called “factory reset” can be used to save the data.

Data Encryption

We use certain words that are understandable only for us and to the person who hears it. Encryption is a similar process that helps us to make our data more confidential. To make our data more personal this process can be used. This process is applicable to both internal and external storages. To do so, follow settings-> Security-> encrypt phone. The reverse is the process of decryption.