Did you break your beloved cell phone and don’t know whether to fix it or buy a new one? Before that, you should know that repairing your smartphone is a lot easier and cheaper than completely buying a new one?

The real question now is should you fix it on your own or should you go to the nearest professional smartphone service center? Unless you don’t know how to fix it, the smartest way is to rely on a professional smartphone repair center. And, who else it could be? Guess what, ifixed smartphone repair center is always there to help you in this kind of situation.  

mobile phone repair

Understand the damage to better repair the phone

Can we give you any advice? Before making any decision, try to understand how much the iPhone repair costs. Look for someone professional in your city who can fix the phone. Let’s take a breather and see what you can do to handle your broken cell phone. How can I find out, Fix or buy again, this is the dilemma? Do you know what the 10 main causes of cell phone breakdown are?

  • Due to an accidental fall on the floor (38%)
  • Fell into the water (7%)
  • It got wet (7%)
  • Fell into an aperitif (this is incredible) (6%)
  • Fell into the bathroom (6%)
  • Fell while getting out of the car (6%) 
  • Crushed inside the bag (5%)
  • Fell out of the bag (5%) 
  • From normal wear (4%)
  • Don’t remember (3%)

Understand the kind of breakdown of the cell phone

There are breaks that can be easily adjusted and others that are more problematic or even impossible such as Samsung screen replacement. Now, it is understood already that no matter how qualified your self-phone repairing skills are, you will never be able to repair it like a professional. Do you know why? Because you are not a professional. You only have bound knowledge. You have no experience. At first, you think the problem is your broken screen, but what will you do if any other problem arises once the phone is opened? This is why it is always better to trust the ifixed professional smartphone repair. You will have a brand warranty, service center experience, original parts, above all, genuine commitments. 

What people do right after they break their cell phones?

  • They continue to use the broken cell phone (49%)
  • They buy a new one (8%)
  • Require cell phone repair (32%)
  • They fix it by themselves (8%)
  • They return to using the old one (2%)
  • Remain without the phone (1%)

The moral of broken cell phone repair.

If you think you can repair your phone by yourself, go ahead. But, surely, ask yourself, will the repairing be as perfect as the professional repair? On the other hand, if you think that repairing your phone is too complex or you simply don’t want to do it, just visit the ifixed website, and get your smartphone fixed by the professional. Breakages NOT repairable, in most of the cases, 

  • Fallen in water (or aperitif)
  • Fall from a great height
  • It is finished in many pieces