Poor battery problem is a great issue these days as most of the people these days using their mobile phones in their day to day life for almost everything. Moreover, there are people who are running their entire business on their smart phones and in that case dealing with poor battery life is quite irritating at times. There could be multiple reasons contributing to this issue and you can take all the suggested appropriate steps to mitigate this problem.

How do I stop my battery from draining so fast

Following could be the contributors of draining your gadget’s battery so fast.


    1. Check your Battery Status:

      first things first, you should consider checking your battery’s usage by tracking different applications running on your device. There might be some power hungry applications which are taking toll on your mobile’s battery life.

    2. Your Charger Might Not Be Working Properly:

      if you are charging your phone’s battery overnight and still it drains so fast during the day then there might be some issue with your charger and you may consider getting it replaced.

  • Google Play Services Drain Battery: this service on your phone constantly uses your battery and you can also not turn it off but all you can do is clear cache by checking the settings>applications>all>Google Play Services.
  • Turn Auto-Brightness Off: when you turn the auto brightness feature of your phone on, it allows a comfortable viewing setting for you to see but doing that manually will spare your battery from getting drained.


  1. Turn Location services off: when the location services of your phone are on, your location gets updated regularly and for this purpose your internet also keeps on working for all the time. This drains battery so fast so only use location services when needed to save your battery from draining.
  2. Shortening the Screen Timeout:setting the screen timing to the lowest will save your mobile from draining unnecessary battery while you are not looking at it.
  3. Watch out for Background Applications: various widgets and applications act as silent killers as they keep on using battery of your mobile phone while you are doing your own business. Select the frequency to which your applications and widgets gets updated manually. This will save great battery life.
  4. Replace Your Old Battery: if your phone is older than 2 to 3 years then it might be dying a natural death. There is no other option than getting either your battery or mobile phone replaced.


Thus by taking following steps you can save your mobile’s battery from draining so fast.

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