Mobile phones or now as we call them, smart phones play an extremely important role in our lives in this 21st century. Almost all our daily tasks are dependent on this small amazing device. iPhones and Samsung phones are known to be robust phones in terms of software as well as hardware. Even though the phones are claimed to be sturdy, the screen is made of glass. Glass is fragile and can break easily if the phone falls from a significant height or there is pressure on the screen.

A broken or a cracked screen can just kill the look of your iPhone. Smartphones being made up of delicate parts too increase the chances of percentage of damage. Not everyone can afford a new phone if the one we have is damaged as most of smart phones or iPhones are of the mid to high end range in terms of cost.

Smart Phone Repair

What can you do to prevent screen damage?

iPhones are known to have a sleek design; many end-users still complain about the size of the smart phones being bigger than the palm resulting in slipping and screen damage. iPhones have a round edge as compared to other manufacturers, this is keeping in mind that round corners reduce the impact on the screen or the phone overall itself rather than square corners in case your phone falls on the edges.

Users must consider using a protective case to reduce the impact of the fall on your smartphones and avoid screen repair.

What to do in-case the screen is damaged?

What if it’s already late? You’ve already dropped your iPhone and now are blanked out on what to do?

Not to worry. There are several options to fix your phone and make it up and running smooth again.If there are minor scratches on the phone, you can use toothpaste. Yes toothpaste, use a dry cloth, apply some toothpaste on the scratches and rub it off. Minor scratches can disappear with this simple hack and make your phone screen look new and fresh.

If you are facing issues in the touch experience, or blank spots, you might need to think of replacing your screen. You might need to check if the damage is limited to the front screen or also pertains to the LCD.

The front screen is a glass above the LCD and is present to enhance the viewing experience for the user. The LCD is an important part responsible for responses to touch, if you experience black or blurred spots or some dim areas on your screen, it is likely that your LCD has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Where can I get my screen replaced?

There are many DIY kits and tutorials available on the internet. If you have some amount of technical experience, you can refer to the tutorials and replace the screen yourself.

The best option is to hand it over to professionals and let them do it. iFixed repairs is known for iphone 7 plus screen replacement, Samsung screen repair. The technicians here are well acquainted with the working and know-how of how the screens for various manufactures are designed. You also get a warranty of 3 months on replaced part and an assurance that genuine parts are used for repair.