Accidentally dropping your smartphone and cracking the display screen can definitely ruin your day. While most of the handsets are not built to be repaired, with the correct tools and a little know-how, you can easily fix most of the problem of your handset for cheaper than an insurance claim.

There is a little problem that if you are opening your phone by yourself it would definitely void the warranty and if you are having insurance on your device you will most probably be unable to successfully make a claim after the self-repair. If you are totally comfortable using a tiny screwdriver and electronic components, go for it however if you are not sure and do not want to risk it, take your phone to the nearest customer care.

iPhone 7 screen repair

The most common branded third-party repair services

Not all the hardware problems of your smartphone can be easily repaired but most can be done.  Here are some of the most common type of repairs that you must be aware of

  1. The broken display screen

Fixing a broken screen can either be simple and cheap or can be extremely complicated depending on how your phone is built. In some of the mobile devices like, while performing iPhone 7 screen repair, you will notice that the glass and the digitizer are fused together making the replacement expenses.

  1. Earphone Jack

Any kind of moving the part that is introduced in the device can increase the failure rate. The headphone jacks might not be motorized, but they experience a lot of action and the stress can frequently loosen it. Once your device has been opened, the headphone jacks are easy and cheap to replace.

  1. Loose or stuck buttons

Similarly like the headphone jacks, the buttons can also be easily replaced. You can buy the replacements for most of the hardware buttons in a handset store and swap them up without any problem. Some of the buttons are directly connected to the motherboard, therefore, be careful while reattaching it.

  1. The camera replacement

It is quite rare for camera hardware to break outside of the cracked lens, however, in the internal part, the camera sensors are relatively easy to replace depending on the handset that you are using. The total camera unit is usually attached by a single wire, but if the glass is cracked you may also replace the exterior glass without actually removing or detaching the camera from the motherboard.

  1. Software update

If you are experiencing software problems or you have noticed that your phone is running slow then it is high time that you perform a software update. Check out the latest software update that has been issued for your device, connect it to your computer and perform the update successfully. You are always advised to secure your data by backing it up before performing a software update.

Due to a wide variety of phone hardware and operating system, there comes a lot of difference in how they are manufactured, thus most of the smartphone repairs will probably require a manufacturer customized guide. You can also visit Ifixed Repairs for more third party repair services and tricks.

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