Living sustainable means always giving the best goals to all kinds of waste or, discarded material. When we talk about treating e-trash in the best way, the subject always goes to recycling. Specifying the best ways to reuse various materials. But, not in case of mobile waste. Instead of recycling you can use other ways to reduce mobile waste.

mobile phone repair

We will give you 5 basic ideas to reduce waste regarding your smartphones. 


1. Get it repaired

Often we recycle our smartphones even if they are repairable. Instead of throwing them into garbage you can call the experts and get your smartphone repaired. It will be affordable. In most of the cases the problems lies with microchips, battery or, screen. Repairing the fault will cost you an affordable amount rather than buying a new one. So, what are you waiting for? Call the Ifixed smart phone repair technician today and, save your cost. 

2. Search for disposal sites

Most cities have their own disposal site for electronics, either for reuse or, for reuse of their parts. Contact organisations with a focus on recycling and inquire about this possibility. When discarding your smartphone, make sure they are clean and, free of any loose parts. Wrap wires around appliances so they do not come loose or break.

3. Use them as GPS device

There may be a mild problem in your smartphone. And, all of them are repairable. Still if you want to buy a new smartphone, it is suggested not to sell or, recycle the old one. Get it checked by the Ifixed expert technicians. If you have a crack on your screen, ask your mobile phone repair technician to fix it in most affordable cost as you are going to buy a new one. If the smartphone is good to use now, you can use it as your GPS device or, camera device or, listening songs.

4. Transfer to others

Are you going to switch smartphones? You do not need to throw the old one out. Ask friends and relatives first if anyone is interested in staying with him. Passing your electronics is a way to get rid of them and, become junk. If you think the repairing cost is not affordable and, buying a new one is worth, you can sell it to your friend in almost half of the price or, give it free. Tell them to call the Ifixed technician and get the phone fixed. In this way they will get a good smartphone with new guarantee – almost half of the price. 

5. Sell the smartphone 

Instead of discarding your electronic (smartphone) that is still working, why not sell it and, generate an income for you? Always think well if you really need to buy this new gadget or, if it will just be an impulsive purchase. By giving proper treatment to your electronic junk you contribute to the preservation of the environment and, also leverages to make much more economic decisions for your life. The choice is yours.

And, for any other thing related to smartphone repairing, Ifixed expert technicians are with you 24×7 at affordable cost.