Apple’s iPhones are always eye catching. One of the most prestigious smart phone brand in the word. If you own this brand may be you know that any repairing usually costs you more than 300 dollars – especially iPhone screen repair, or replacement. The in-house workshop requires more than 320 dollars for screen replacement or, maybe more. For any “other damage” in house repairing center charges up to 500 – 1000 dollars. But, if you choose to get the same service from an affordable professional without compromising in quality service, Ifixed Repairs is the best option for you.

Smart Phone Repair

You must focus on the budget

But why have smartphone repairs – at least with the displays – so expensive? The smartphone manufacturers either repair their own workshops or, point to authorized workshops that use original parts. Not only Apple customers have to dig deep into their pockets. The screen replacement can cost even with Samsung’s top smartphones from the Galaxy S series more than 400 dollars. With older models of both manufacturers you often get away much cheaper. But, with I-Fixed professional repairing you get the same repairing with comparatively lower cost with compromising in quality.

Always save data before repair

Other providers work as mail-order companies with few or, no branches and can be sent defective smartphones by package. There are also service providers who repair at the customer’s site – a service that costs a little more. If you have no time to visit the service center, don’t worry, you can use the technician call off option, and get your Samsung s8 screen repair done in no time by the professional. No matter who repairs – there is always the risk that all data on the smartphone will be deleted during repair. Therefore, one should first backup his data on the computer – and remove the SIM and any memory card. Just visit the Ifixed Repairs portal to understand how this system works.

Beware of cheaper service centers

Take a close look at every unknown workshop before the order is placed. A reputable workshop has employees who take the time to make a free estimation of the repair costs, and who guarantee the repair. You should be suspicious of a dirty workshop and, too cheap offers. The workshop is best at creating transparency. Most manufacturers write in their warranty terms that warranty claims can be lost if the customer has them repaired in unauthorized repair shops. But, what to do after the completion of the company warranty period? Professional service center always use genuine products, and offers minimum 6 – 12 months warranty.

Tutorials on the Internet for hobbyists

For hobbyists, there are also repair kits on the Internet. Replacement displays for the iPhone 7 Plus or, the Samsung Galaxy S series cost about 100 – 150 dollars. The repair instructions are available online for free. Unlike Samsung, or, Apple supplies only a few service providers with spare parts. Cheaper repair shops would therefore have to resort to iPhone repairs on replica or, spare parts from decommissioned Apple phones, compromising the quality. Avoid this situation, and choose the service provider who deals with genuine parts.