IPod – Updated Version of Apple.

Do you have iPod mini or new iPod touch? iPod is one of the sleekest and advanced portable media players around the world. It is more fragile because it covered entirely by a thin pane of glass. So, if you put any single careless drop on your iPod that turns into nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

Are you heard about the breakability of Apple’s iPod touch screen? Yes, this is the worst feeling is that seeing your iPod get crack on the glass. You can go for smart phone repair to get your mobile back.

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Reasons for the breakable issues

Here, some causes of why the iPod is so breakable,

Cause 1: iPod touch is breakable because consumer needs smooth light-weight songs unit that will help to boast a screen more sufficient to play videos and movies. Engineers employed pliable aluminum or steel based metal that was huge sufficient to shape the internal units. This pliable prospect is the reason for screen breakage.

Cause 2: another reason is lack of distance in the screen and the outer edge. When the screen meets the touch surface areas, the sheer force is utilized to the glass part then shatters it quickly.

Replacement of cracked screen

Here, you must follow this guideline for your Screen Repair,

Obtain a replacement screen:

You need to a replacement screen in online for about $20 USD. Ensure that the display screen generation and the display will work or not.

Toggle the Hold Switch On:

While before opening the iPod, turned off your iPod and locked with the Hold switch toggle button. It makes sure that you don’t on it accidently while working.

Open your iPod:

By using Opening tool, you will need to disengage the tabs around the iPod edge.

Disconnect the battery cable:

In iPod, you can see the small brown latch ribbon cable in one of the corners. By using tweezers to hold the latch, so you can get the ribbon cable out.

Remember that don’t pull the latch too hard.

Disconnect the headphone Jack:

In this case, you can view the cable that connects with the two halves of your iPod. This cable connects the headphone jack top your logic board. Pull the cable out by using your fingers.

Remove the Hard Drive:

Hold up the hard drive from the top of the iPod and remove the ribbon cable by using an opening tool. It releases the hinge on the motherboard connector cable that removes it from the hard drive.

Remove the front panel:

On the iPod, you can see small screws; remove these screws by the screwdriver.

Remove the display:

You will see another ribbon cable connected on the logic board. This cable is attached to the display, so wiggle the display gently and pull it out from the framework.

Install your new screen:

Now, iPod display is separated, you can install your screen cable into the logic board and close the tab.

If, these guidelines are not workout with your own self, you should go for iPhone Screen repair service for replace your cracked screen.