Scratches on your iPhone is a sad but common issue. Sometime it may drop from your hand and the screen gets shattered. It is the worst fear of every iPhone user. But cheer up! We know it feels bad but it is not the end. You have lots of options. Here in this article, we have rounded up the best ways to repair your damaged iPhone display. You will get your repaired iPhone in no time.

iPhone screen repair

Here are the tips to mend your iPhone display which are visibly broken.


The use of cerium oxide is highly recommended for your scratched iPhone glass screen. Make a mixture of 100 grams cerium oxide powder and water, then put a smooth cloth in that mix and start rubbing the scratched area. Continue this process for some minute and you will see your phone without scratches in some time.

You can also use sandpaper to repair your iPhone scratches, but the thing is this method is good only for minimal scratches. Use small sized sandpaper and gently wipe over the scratches. But be careful of adding further damage to your screen.

The safest method to repair your scratches is to watch for the professional iPhone repairing store and make a query for the estimation of charges. The experts can diagnose the mobile phone and determine the solution along with best possible charges. It is sure that you can get top quality screen repairing service by them.

At authorized stores you can get the original parts and there can be an option of same-day repairing for the betterment of customers like you. They have the experience of fixing numbers of smart phone repair as they are the professionals and can guide you in the right way.

For better output and assistance you can pay a visit to a reputed service centre, which houses certified professionals and uses top quality screens for repairing the scratches. You just have to take your broken phone to our nearest repair centre and the rest of the things will be taken care of by them.

The main benefit of visiting an authorized repairing centre is their quick response. You can get your repaired iPhone on the same day as well. If you are unable to come to the store you can also send your broken phone to one of their repair centres.

They are the professionals in mending all broken and damaged iPhones. Apart from that, you can repair other smartphones as well. For distinctive service and reliable repairing partner, you can have ample trust in them and in return they will assist you all the way. All those repairing centres are committed to serve you from the ground level and assist you in zeroing your hassles. Remember, here you will get a decent warranty of 3 months on your iPhone 6 repair. You can also take the advantage of no-Fix no Fee policy, in which if they are unable to fix your phone then they will not charge a single penny from you.

The security of your data is highly important to them, so before making any changes they do take prior permission. You can expect a professional environment in such service centres and get your iPhone screen repair in no time.