Phones play a pivotal role in every individual’s life in today’s world. People use mobile phones for almost all sorts of things and many people all over the globe run their businesses over these gadgets. With such an increasing importance of phone a problem such as screen flickering could be very frustrating. iPhone are the most trusted and sold mobile brand all over the globe and many people rely on these smart phones for their living. In some models of iPhone such as 6 Plus, 7 Plus, there is a problem of screen flickering. In this article, various reasons and solutions to Fix iPhone screen flickering error. There could be many possible reasons for the screen flickering in an iPhone such as software glitches, which promote such activities on your iPhone. In some cases, screens also freeze or get unresponsive because of too much load or misconfigured settings. These problems can be detected and solved easily by the professional aid. The main reason behind such kind of problem is mostly improper functioning or displacement of hardware components in your phone. This hardware problem could be with display circuit’s loose connections or damaged screen of your iPhone. Whatever could be reason, it is always difficult to determine the exact reason of such problem. So all the possible solutions for both hardware and software problems are mentioned hereinafter.

fix iPhone screen flickering error

Steps to fix iPhone screen flickering error:


Step 1: Reboot your iPhone as usually this simple step is enough to deal with small bugs.

Step 2: Reconfiguration of Display Settings by disabling auto brightness and reducing the brightness of the screen sometimes also solve the problem.

Step 3: Check RAM Status of your iPhone and if memory is the issue, make some space by deleting some unwanted stuff from your device.  

Step 4: factory Reset your phone as a last resort as it not only restore default settings but also wipes out your data.


You can follow above mentioned troubleshooting steps to fix the problem faced by you and if still the problem persists then the hardware is to blame in that case. In that case you should firstly clean your device properly from any sort of dirt or dust. If nothing works then you need to replace LCD screen of your iPhone. You can yourself buy a screen and try to replace it but then again, it would require lots of skills and specialized tools to get the positive results.

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