Cell phones are a major piece of our lives at the present time; point on the off chance that piece of this article was composed on a mobile phone. For the vast majority, it is relatively difficult to manage without a mobile phone. Along these lines, the dread of a harmed iPhone is genuine.

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen

The two basic issues with telephones are broken screens and water harm. In the event that you drop your iPhone in water, you may have the capacity to spare it with the accompanying tips:

  • Turn it off instantly. On the off chance that it’s off as of now, don’t turn it on.
  • Take out the battery (in the event that it is removable) and SIM card.
  • Soak up the fluid with a dry fabric or tissue. Ensure you touch tenderly.
  • Bury the telephone in a bowl of crude rice. It will help ingest the dampness.
  • Give it no less than 1 day to dry before you turn it on.
  • If it fails to turn on then you need to get it checked from a repair center.


With the mind-boggling expense of screen repairs, a split or broken screen is an iPhone client’s bad dream. Contingent upon the model of the iPhone, the expense of getting an iPhone screen replaced can go extend from as low as 25 euros to as high 200 euros. The cost and accessibility of the substitution screen will normally decide the aggregate repair cost and time. You can replace your iPhone screen at home as well by using home repair tool kit but for that too you need to be very specific.

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