A Broken smartphone screen can ruin your day. Having broken mobile screen is frustrating and it will kill your phone’s value. Overcoming this problem can be a challenging one.

Use some tips for fixing a cracked screen on your iPhone or Android. Replacing the entire screen is more expensive and if you buy a new phone is even more so. But there is less chance that you have a spare phone to rely on.

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Some option for repairing broken screen includes

  • Claim on your mobile insurance
  • Borrow an old phone
  • Repair it yourself
  • Pay for the mobile screen to be repaired
  • Sell your –home and buy a replacement
  • Carry on using your phone

Are you ending up with a cracked screen? If so, try the different repair options that will help you including a DIY screen repair with replacing your screen.

First, you have to do is to check if your mobile insurance compensates the damaged screen or not. Here are the excellent tips for fixing your broken screen problem.

Screen Protector

Can’t you fix your broken smartphone screen? Take some steps to use the iPhone and Android with the screen. Just imagine if only the glass is broken, you can replace the screen yourself with the screen protector.

With the help of online tutorials, you can replace the screen on your mobile phone. So, buy a screen protector to place over the broken area that will keep your screen.

Do you want to keep using your cracked phone? And don’t want to slice up your fingers? If so, the alternative option is to cover your scratched screen with the layer of packing tape. Cover everything carefully and it will look like a real screen protector.


Toothpaste will help to fix your cracked screen or hide it. Take a cotton bud and dip a tiny bit of toothpaste and rub it on the scratch. As well as, you have to ensure that it doesn’t affect headphone sockets, buttons, and other vulnerable parts of your gadget. It makes your phone minty fresh.

Screen Repair and Replacement

The simplest way to solve a broken iPhone screen repair is to perform a DIY screen replacement

It is possible to replace your phone screen yourself. Some things you have to remember that while before making this decision, you have to know about the cost of the replacement screen.

If you have the ability to fix a phone yourself, you don’t be worried about maintaining your warranty. Just buy a handy kit and a tube you heat up and apply it to your phone screen to soften its adhesives.

Go for a Professional

The best solution for mobile screen repair is to take your phone to the shop. If you face an iPhone 6 screen repair, you may look for a local Apple Store.

You have to do above-mentioned things while after cracking your phone’s screen. So choose the best solution that will help you to stop the crack spreading and splitting further into the display area. This may work well enough to be pretty much permanent.