Over recent months, there has been a big increase in the number of Microsoft Surface Pro’s making their way to our repair centre. The devices are extremely popular among businesses, particularly accountants, designers and marketers. The slimline tablets are renowned for their exceptional processors, standout displays making them perfect for the ever-busy employee.

They may be extremely handy for businesses but repairing these devices is no easy task. Regarded as one of the most challenging tablets to repair, it takes a specialist with an expert eye to complete such a tricky procedure. Not many places in the UK are able to repair these devices, however, iFixed Repairs are Microsoft Surface Pro specialists, with a dedicated team handling all types of repairs.

Screen replacements on the Microsoft Surface series are particularly hard due to its fragile display assembly. If too much force is applied when removing or reattaching the screen, the display could either break or become faulty.

Here at iFixed Repairs, we wanted to showcase the lengthy and tricky process of completing a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement. Check out the step-by-step process below:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement step 1

Step 1: A heat gun is used on the outer edges of the Surface Pro warming the adhesive, making it soft and easy to split the display screen from the outer framework

Step 2: After the display has been heated, the technician splits the strong adhesive between the framework and display assembly with a razor tool.

Step 3: The technician will start to pull the display assembly from the framework in a gentle manner. Too much force can break or damage the LCD and touchscreen connectors attached to both the screen and the motherboard.

Step 4: The heat gun is worked around the device, heating the strong adhesive while being split with the razor


Step 5: Once the three sides (top, bottom and left hand side of the screen) have come away from the framework. The screen should be free to open.

Step 6: The battery is then disconnected, cutting all power from the device.

Step 7: Followed by both the touchscreen and LCD connectors.

Step 8: The final side of the screen is heated. Once the adhesive has warmed, the screen is then removed.

Step 9: The technician will use tweezers to pick away at excess glue left by the previous display assembly.

Step 10: Glue removing solution is rubbed over the remaining fragments lumps and bumps, resulting in a clean frame.

Step 11: The LCD connector is removed from the old screen and transplanted to the new assembly.

Step 12: Adhesive tape is applied to the edges of the framework.

Step 13: The LCD connector is then reattached to the Motherboard, along with the touch screen connector.

Step 14: The battery connector is then reconnected to the motherboard ahead of the screen test.

Step 15: The display is checked for dead pixels, lines in the screen and touchscreen responsiveness.

Step 16: The new display assembly is then gently placed and stuck into position, completing the screen replacement.

As you can see, completing a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement takes time, patience and precision. Our repair centre specialists have numerous years of experience in repairing leading mobile phones and tablets including all Surface models.

It’s always worth enquiring about a broken Microsoft Surface Pro. With the some of the devices costing as much as £2,000 to buy from new, it could end up being a costly paperweight!

If your business would like to book a Microsoft Surface Pro Screen Replacement, look no further than ifixedrepairs.net