Has your iPhone recently shutdown unexpectedly in between an important phone call? You want to make an immediate payment at a store with Apple Pay but you your iPhone 6S responds unusually slow? This might be a clear indication that there are some issues with your smartphone battery, and you might need to consider replacing it.

Although iPhones are designed to deliver a mesmerizing and smooth, flawless user experience with the combination of usage of advanced technologies and engineering, particularly in the hardware section, batteries are a complex aspect. A number of variables contribute to the performance of your battery including the number of charge cycles, when have you bought your iPhone and how long you have been using it. Rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan which starts degrading with the age of the battery.

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Should I consider replacing my battery?

Apple strongly specified that the batteries in their devices can work up to 500 charge cycles before they fall below 80% of their capacity. A single charge cycle is when you charge a dead phone to 100%. In between charging are not considered as charge cycles. If your phone has been water damaged, you should check if your battery has not overgrown your phone. If your battery has come of age and if you feel that your phone has become sluggish, if it works only if it is connected to the charging slot or if your device heats up, you should consider replacing your battery as there might be chances of charge leaking and damaging other parts of the smart phone.

Where should I replace my battery?

If your phone is under insurance or under warranty you should consider heading to an Apple Service Center who will replace your battery for free in about 6 business days. In case of urgency, you should consider looking up for a reliable smart phone repair service center. iFixed repairs offer you immediate walk-in battery replacement or same day iPhone Repair with some additional fees. The cost of battery replacement is lesser than in case of non-warranty battery replacement, also genuine components are used for repair. Also 3 months warranty is provided for any component replacements. There are many DIY battery replacement tutorials available on the internet but iFixed advises not to follow them if you are a beginner. The batteries should be removed when they are uncharged or below 25% as there might be chances of them exploding. iFixed technicians consider all of these precautions necessary and make sure that your phone is as good as new when it is returned to you. The dead batteries i.e. the electronic waste also needs to be disposed of properly due to the chemicals involved and the hazards it causes to the environment.

What should you keep in mind for a long-lasting battery life?

Batteries do have an age, but if you maintain your phone properly you can be surprised on how long your iPhone has supported you. You should always charge your phone up to 80% for a better performance. Avoid charging with third party chargers which claim to recharge your battery at faster rates. Consider deleting apps that drain battery and consider turning on auto brightness as it will reduce the screen brightness depending upon the light around you thus saving battery consumption. Once in a while do consider letting your iPhone battery drain to 0 percent and charge it to 100%.