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We see a lot of beaten up phones pass through the hands of our mobile phone technicians and our guys have done a fantastic job bringing loads of broken devices back from the dead. Whether the mobile phone has been dropped down the toilet, sat on by your partner, dropped on tiles or put out of action after a boozy night out, we have seen it all.

So with that in mind we wanted to share with you some of the most bizarre breaks and smashes that we have seen and heard over the course of the last 6 months.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee, take a seat and we dare you not to crack a smile at our top 50 bizarre breaks.

Give The Dog a…Phone?

One lady reported that she threw a ball for her dog but accidentely let her phone go at the same time. To further add insult to injury guess which the dog decided to catch?

The Double Whammy

Things come in two’s right? One lady stated that “Somehow my phone fell out of my handbag as I ran across the car park in the rain to the cinema. Someone then ran over it.”

Was His Name Damian?

One of our social media users reported that she was eating lunch with her family in a fast food restaurant when her grandson pulled the tray and her phone dropped to the floor, all the screen was smashed but the ladies little grandson thought it was funny !!!

The Good Deed Gone Wrong

Sometimes doing a good deed can rebound as one unfortunate gentlemen reported; “I gave directions using my hand as I was holding my mobile. I gesticulated a bit hard and the phone flew out my hand and disappeared down a road drain”


Using those cat games can be a mistake as one person stated that their cat swiped the screen so hard they knocked their phone off the table!

EGGstremely Dangerous

Just as you thought things were getting crazy, we relive this beauty with you. Someone apparently threw an egg at one persons passing car, hitting the guys phone in their jacket pocket, smashing the screen. Ouch!

One Way to Get a New Phone

One lady told her husband that her phone was rubbish and the gent got so annoyed he threw her phone out the window. The poor phone never worked but the guy was rid of moaning. He did compensate his wife a few days later by buying her a nice new phone.

Attack of The Killer Bees

Breaks don’t just happen in our green and pleasant land; one unfortunate gentlemen was visiting the little boys room in France where he reported that he was changing in a porter loo in Marseille, where he was then attacked by a swarm of bees swarm so he jumped out of the toilet with his phone in his hand and landed on a rusted nail. Ouch! Even at this point the phone was still intact but then (and this is true) a giant locust smashed into his face from out of nowhere and the poor guy dropped his phone on a concrete building block. Bad luck!

Homeward Bound! …Or Not…

We often here about animals attacking or breaking phones but one story was very memorable, as one person’s friend’s dog ran off with their mobile when he heard the ring tone (cats meowing) and the mobile was never seen again.

Here Boy! Fetch!

broken phone

Another animal classic story. We know that dogs are a man’s best friend…sometimes but not always for users of mobile phones. One particular ladies dog substituted his usual toys for the owner’s mobile phone. The dog had chomped the screen and well and truly KILLED it!!! Down boy!

The Jealous Goat Attack

Just plain and simple – you won’t believe it, but one persons phone was obliterated when a “Goat’s head butted it” There’s not much else to say on this one!

Inspired by Bruce Lee

Mobile phones are broken if the most humorous ways and one ladies husband; an avid kick boxing fan, whilst practicing some moves smacked his nun chucks against his leg…..He hadn’t realised his phone was in his pocket and he had smashed the screen in the process. Disaster!

Who Said Kids Don’t Cost?

If you are a parent you know full-well that kids cost you money, and with technology getting better, the prices continue to climb. One mother decided to give her daughter a bit of a telling off when she wasn’t doing her homework, and like any teenage daughter gave her mom some lip back. Her mom then reacted by slamming the door, vibrating a phone off a bedside table onto the tiles, smashing the screen.

The Toilet Selfie

The amount of people that take their phones out when they visit the bathroom is unbelievable. One lady had her phone in her bra (as you do) and decided it was selfie time on the loo at a party… she ended up dropping the phone down the loo, fished it out then dropped it again, totally smashed! Whoops!!

Phones Don’t Replace Cushions

Whether it’s in your back pocket or you leave it on the seat, this lady will certainly be checking where her phone is before she parks her derrière; “I sat on it on a night out!!”

The Great Escape

Eat your heart out Steve McQueen; we heard a story of a guy who was walking over a bridge and decided to bend down for a moment (presumably to tie his shoe laces) and his phone fell straight out of his jacket pocket through the railings and into 6ft high bushes.

Mossshhh Piiiitttt!!!!

Phones capture some crazy moments, and for one young girl her phone got a little but too involved during a rock night. The phone got knocked out of her hand, and then kicked into the middle of a mosh pit. As you can imagine the phone got stomped on a fair bit. RIP little phone, you served her well.

The Phone That Wanted to be a Porsche

When one guy was travelling down the motorway and saw a beautiful rainbow, he thought that it would be a good idea to take a photo. He soon realized that sticking his phone out of a car window at 70 mph wasn’t the greatest idea when it flew out of his hands never to be seen again.

Prepare The Marigolds!

One of the worst places to break your phone is down the toilet, and it’s far too common these days! – “I was texting in the toilet and my phone rang. I panicked and dropped it down it down the loo. The phone couldn’t swim and never recovered.”

Good job we don’t have to retrieve these bad boys…

I Didn’t Realise Phones Cared About Their Appearance?

Always watch where you put your phone down. One lady decided to put the phone on a shelf not realising that a puddle of conditioner had beaten the phone to the spot. So now she has a soggy phone but at least it has been conditioned!

Beware: The iPhone Destructor

broken phone

Ahhh toddlers, they either shove everything in their mouth or run off with things they shouldn’t. I bet this Mother wished she had put her phone up and out of reach; as she reported that her 18 month nephew is a walking iPhone destructor. He has broken her phone and her sister and brother in laws brand new iPhone 6. Tears were shed I can tell you but he is so cute he was forgiven.

Smashed by a Pigs Trotter

If the title above doesn’t bring a smile to your face then the full story to this top smash is bound to; “I was at a farm with my daughter we were looking at the pigs and I was leaning over trying to get a picture and I dropped my phone in the pig pen right in between a humongous pigs legs ! While waiting for the farmhand to retrieve my phone the huge pig decides to heave itself up and wander around and proceeds to step on my phone with its rather large trotter !

The Butt Break, a Classic

A phone put in your back pocket can lead to some damage but when you combine that with skin tight jeans you are just asking for trouble. One lady decided to wear a pair of her old skin tight jeans popped the phone in the back pocket, bent over and then bent the phone and cracked the screen.

Paul Daniels, Watch Out!

Amateur magic and expensive mobile phones, surely nothing can go wrong? Can it?

For one aspiring magician it certainly did when he got hold of his dads phone to do the ‘ol smash the phone with the hammer and miraculously repair trick’….unfortunately the budding magician just smashed it….needless to say the dad was not impressed.

Leave The Acting to The Pros

Just like magic and phones don’t go hand-in-hand, neither do phones and the Solent, as this unlucky couple reported: “Me and my boyfriend were on the ferry to the Isle of Wight, we had a few vinos and decided to have a beautiful moment and re-enact Titanic! I was holding the phone to do the photo and it slipped, i went to save it mid air and flung it back. It hit the railing and broke the screen. I was gutted. My boyfriend told me he could fix the screen, held it in the air to examine the damage and a seagull flew down on to the railing and he dropped it off the car ferry into the Solent. Phones, wine, romantic movie reenactments, ferries and seagulls do not work together! “

Run Over by Rhinos?!!?

Some people should really have to pass a test to become phone owners. We heard of one report where a lady dropped her mobile downstairs, sat on it, threw it, and even had it run over by rhino’s. The amazing thing was it survived all that but shattered when she dropped it onto a duvet!

Ahh, As Long As Your Shoes Were Ok

This lady was certainly dressed to kill by the sounds of it, it’s a shame that it was her phone that got the rough deal though; “I trod on it with stilettos and destroyed it. My shoes were fine afterwards though”

Brotherly Love…

Brothers and Sisters are renowned to never get on, but sometimes that line is crossed, and for this Sister it was a line that had a paddling pool the other side of it; “During the summer my darling brother tried to throw me in the kids paddling pool, my phone went flying out my hand and landed on a concrete sitting area and completely smashed! I’m still annoyed with him”

Lucozade Gives YOU Energy…NOT Your Phone

One of the biggest problems is water damaged phones, we have seen and heard of water, coffee and tea being spilt over phones. If your battery is running low, charge it up, don’t pour Lucozade over it – that only works on humans.

Only Put Suitcases on Your Car Roof

Another common smash is people that leave their phones on top of the car. Many people have left their phones on top of vehicles and then drove off without realising. Sometimes the phones come off lightly but sometimes they will smash on the floor or get driven over.

Drink + Heels = Broken Mobile

broken phone

Phones are fairly solid devices and shouldn’t be mistaken as bouncy castles. Unfortunately one lady found out the hard way…literally….She fell off the bed when she was drunk and landed on top of her mobile somehow and the screen smashed and her high heel went into the motherboard and whole phone was kaput!

Ahh The Good Old Drop Test…

You may have seen the YouTube videos of people drop testing iPhones at shoulder height. One man decided to beat that when he dropped his phone from a scaffolding platform at the top of a building when his wife rang him to exclaim that she was pregnant.

Bugs Bunny Doesn’t Like Your Phone

Dog walking is meant to be a peaceful activity, usually through scenic places. For one dog owner, it turned out to be quite an eventful walk as he bent down to pick up a stick to throw for his dog, but his phone fell out of his pocket and made its way down a rabbit hole.

Lightning Strikes Twice!

It’s bad enough when you suffer from one smashed screen but when you get away with putting the phone in the wash by accident and then a few weeks later you drop it under the wheels of a bus you must feel that karma really isn’t on your side.

Did You Use The Phone as a Paint Brush?

One unlucky person ended up losing their phone down a toilet while painting her mums bathroom. We aren’t sure if she was using the phone to paint with?! She was painting her mum’s bathroom for her & her iPhone ended up down the toilet

Tiger Woods Would Be Proud

broken phone

One father thought he was doing a great job of showing his son how to play golf. He puts his phone on the floor so it didn’t fall out of his pocket, got his son to swing at the golf ball and BOOM…there goes the phone…

Zips on Pockets Will be a Great Idea…

Some people forget that they put their phones in their trousers pockets. Not good when you are doing handstands as one lad found out when he did just that as his phone slid out of his pocket and screen first onto the concrete. That is one expensive handstand!

A Close Shave

One of our staff suffered from an unfortunate mishap when their iPhone 4S was left on the back of the toilet playing music while he was having a shave, someone called him and the phone dropped off the back of the toilet (avoided going into the toilet) but smashed across the tiles. See, even staff at iMend fall foul of mobile phone breaks.

On Top of The World

It’s not just in offices or at home where mobile phone breaks occur. One unlucky lady was on a plane and dropped the phone down the side of the seat. They then came to adjust the seat and crushed their phone in the mechanism.

Keep Out of Reach of Children

Kids are wonderful; some of the things they do and come out with melt your heart. Then you have the opposite side of the scale when you find your little one dropping your phone on the floor repeatedly as the screen cracks, again, and again.

Walls and Phones Really Don’t Mix

Teenage relationships often lead to arguments and for one Mom she had to foot the bill for a phone repair when her daughter threw her phone at her bedroom wall during a temper tantrum with her boyfriend. Poor Mom was left a little lighter in her purse and had a nice dent in the wall to look at.

Don’t Become a Pro Cricketer

The moral to this story is don’t throw your phone. One guy decided to throw his phone for his mate to catch, but his butter-fingered mate made a hash of the catch and ended up throwing the phone to the floor. I bet they aren’t on speaking terms…

From New to Smashed in 7 Minutes

Some breaks aren’t bizarre they are just plain stupid, and we salute you for it. One person got a new white Blackberry. Unpacked it, put the sim in and then showed it to their son. As they held out the phone, the son reaches for it, knocks it out of the poor owners hand and they drop it screen facing down. If that’s not bad enough, the phone owner then steps forward to pick it up and … smash.. stood on it.

Nappy Disaster!

This super smash isn’t for the feint-hearted so if you are eating anything, put it down right now! This is one sticky situation that was sent in to us:

“When my daughter was a baby, my hubby was changing a particularly pooey nappy. We’re talking green. It was awful. Really, really awful. I was trying to distract her by leaning over her and doing the typical mum thing cooing.

My phone was in the pocket of my shirt. I mean….you can just guess what happened right? For those lacking in imagination. It fell straight into the nappy. The aforementioned pooey green nappy. I actually wretched. May have cried even. I didn’t try to retrieve or fix it. Didn’t fancy that right by my face every day!”

An Expensive High-Five

One Dad was striving to be super cool and decided to give his son a high-five, not realising that his phone was still in the palm of his hand. As you can guess, the phone flew out of his hand and broke both the front and back screen.

Excited by Technology

We all know the excitement of getting a new phone as adults, you turn into big kids. So, imagine how kids act when they see a phone. This lady found out: “My friends little girl was playing on mine and she got a bit too excited and bit into my phone and smashed my screen it was the first time I met her.”

Phones Really Can’t Fly

broken phone

Phones can do many things these days, from helping you navigate around, to telling you where the best places to eat are. Unfortunately Apple and Samsung haven’t quite mastered the flying phone just yet, but one lady decided to try and give it a crack when she dropped it out the window of her 1st floor flat while trying to get her husband’s attention.

They Don’t Like Being Washed Either

If your phone screen gets dirty, what’s the best way to clean it? Usually a lint-free cloth, right? Nah, one lad decided to go all-out: when he didn’t realise that it was in his pocket before he put it in the washer”

Using Your Phone as a Life Raft?!

By now you have clearly got the picture that phones and water don’t mix, whether it’s dropped down the toilet, or put in the washing machine. Some people take it to the extreme though, when this lady was onboard a boat that sank! “It was in my handbag which was with me when I was onboard our boat and it sank with us and all our possessions on it! Bank Holiday Mayhem! My husband says it sank because my handbag was too heavy!”

Stop Horsing Around!

Whilst scoring dads points this poor man came away with a cracked phone. He ended up dropping his phone whilst watching his daughter have her horse riding lesson. He did not notice until the end of the lesson when the horses were going back into their stables, at which point he heard a breaking sound and looked to see his beloved phone under the horses hoof.

Our Final Thought

Have you experienced a bizarre break recently? Then contact, the UK’s best Nationwide mobile phone repair service. We offer a walk-in service or mail-in option and our professional repair technicians will have you back on your feet in no time!