iPhone crashing any time of the day is the reported problem everywhere. Iphones are not updating friendly because both the ways, it will eat up your head. The usual numerous pop up when you don’t do the update and the post-update issues when your handset is not compatible with the update, the whole aroma of the phone drains down.

Hard resets are always the second option. ifixed that has the Best Mobile Phone Service in Welwyn Garden City will share what might have never got into your notice that is about hard reset completing taking away all that you lined up in your mobile phone. Soft reset is the first choice and curs many normal issues.

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Learning about hard reset:

Comparing hard reset and soft reset will give us pure insight of what is meant by the procedure we are going to follow:

Soft reset is simply rebooting the phone. The soft reboot technique is highly appreciated. This is because of the effects of the same. It usually brings in force everything in the order.

Hard reset will erase data and the main striking thing is changing all the setting back to factory settings. Getting that far, that will take up even all the data it had.

Methods of hard reset:

Hard reset needs already backed up data so that it can be restored once you are done resetting your phone with a hard reset.

There are two methods of hard resetting:

The direct method:

This is the most preferred method as it does not require you to connect anything to anyone. The direct method does not require any external help and can be done with some steps on the phone. This is the hassle-free method to carry out this task easily:

  • Opening up the settings is the first part of your method.
  • The next thing is to search for ‘general’ in the list.
  • Scroll to the end of the general box, and tap on rest.
  • It will ask if you would want to erase all data, click on erase all data.
  • The backup will be done, then the rest will be done and the iPhone starts fresh.

The iTunes method:

  • Connect mobile to desktop and wait till you find your phone in the box of iTunes after iTunes is launched.
  • Click on the restore option.
  • The backing up process will start which will further carry reset and the iPhone will be starting again as brand new.


Hard reset of the phone should be the last option because you will have to work on the setup again and that will be a headache for sure. For whatever reasons you are doing the reset, if the problem still persists you can then go to the experts to get it done. Ifixed is a mobile repair company in England that will never let you down in any case. Such appealing things have always brought more and more people to ifixed. Trying to repair things on your own is fine, but you will have to run somewhere if things do not settle in.