Repairing in the motherboard is doe through the micro-soldering technique which is not so famous in the land of the U.S. and Europe.

This job is very different from others and simply watching videos and searching for the motherboard repair online will not help solve the issue. This needs practice and skills. This development is only seen in the official workers dealing with the work.

Ifixed, a mobile repair company in England, and among the very few in the list to provide this service in the land of Europe has already been equipped to have had any such issues of their customers.

mobile phone repair

Defining motherboard:

The motherboard is like the overall handling machine of the mobile phone. Any activity which might come under any category will be taken care of by the motherboard. The small, looking like universe thing, has thousands of chips and hundreds of soldering connections done to carry out each activity effectively with complete accuracy.

Signs that you have damaged your motherboard and reasons behind it:

The damage may come from anywhere in this world and so to protect the mobile phone from getting into anything like this is advisable.

The sand around everywhere in the daily routine might choke up things in the motherboard. This might not even strike us in the wildest of our dreams but as a matter of fact, the sand does affect the working of the motherboard.

The water that might have gone inside due to any substantial reason is capable enough to destroy not just one, but many connections in the motherboard.

If you got motherboard repaired a few days back and the problems still haunt you means there is a part of the motherboard which is not repaired and that is creating the issue.

Extreme heating of the phone is also the reason behind the issue of the motherboard. If the mobile phone often gets heated and that too the heat level is high, getting it checked is advisable to avoid any further damage due to the same.

Interesting things about motherboard repair:

The repair cannot be done by simply reading about it from anywhere in the world. The skill it requires is far from the knowledge of normal views and attention. The possible ideas of all the damage can never be predicted just by looking at it and thus it calls for expertise for the repairing of the motherboard. So one can visit Ifixed as they provide the Best Mobile Phone Service in Welwyn Garden City.


The job of working with repairing the motherboard is quite tactical. This will never be a guaranteed job. A single mistake and a small drop of wrong soldering can cause immense damage. The repairing works will go in vain and the new problem will ask for a new solution.

The above statements explain the practicality of the experience needed to hand over the phone in the right hands, and there is nothing better than ifixed. This company has seen it all and the European market it has built is much more than just remarkable. Thus it the best choice to have your phone repaired here.