Windows Phone has always come up with quite interesting and new features. They have maintained the uniqueness throughout. But they are not appreciated for all of it. Many find it difficult to use a mobile phone. Many apps are not supported by it. All of it has added to their name.

While the phones are strong and long-lasting, the frozen screen of the cell phone is the everlasting problem. This is faced by the mobiles of most companies.

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Fixing the Frozen Screen:

This is when the phone is stuck and does not respond to any for the touch commands. The screen may turn black and does not show up anything or stick to the last screen in use. There are two basic ways to solve this issue:

Mobile phone repairs at homeis a useful thing to do to save money and time. Doing the same for the screen purpose is advised by the following methods:

  1. Official recovery technique:

This is the official key given to this particular problem. The device will get all the factory reset back after this particular method.

  • Connect your phone to the Laptop/computer.
  • Once the device is connected, you can select the “Install Software” option.
  • You can later recover your data.
  1. Reboot technique:

In this particular method, the mobile gets a reboot. This is the quick force reboot technique. Follow the given steps:

  • Power + Volume Down button needs to be pressed for many seconds.
  • Wait till the vibration is felt.
  • The vibration is the sign for switching on, the device.
  • After the vibration, give the device time to reboot completely.
  • If the device gets stick to the logo screen then you will have to connect the charger. Connecting to the charger and waiting for a few moments will give you the required result.

Handle everything with patience as doing it in hurry will stretch the process longer. Both techniques are common and will have no damageable effects on the working of the mobile. Mobile Phone Repair Centre in England will be there if the problem still persists.

Points to remember:

Continuously tapping over the phone can also create a problem for the screen. It also increases the number of scratches on the screen. The accurate functionality is also disturbed.

Keeping the phone where the screen gets damaged is a big deal. You might not even realize and when you have the phone in your hand, the battery is down with the spoiled quality of the screen and working when this keeps happening for a longer period.


The frozen screen will have many reasons but the most appropriate is the crashing of the software at that very moment and needs a reboot to start fresh. Having a lot of things stores, more than preferred also adds to this issue as the phone cannot handle so much at one go.

So, better keep these things in mind and help yourself with learning their techniques when you have a windows phone. If things still don’t get solved, Ifixed, a highly recommended service center of England,  is more than happy to help.