Have you upgraded to a newer version of iOS and facing problems during the operation? Are you considering to downgrade your update to an older version of iOS but do not know the procedure? Then do not worry, this article talks about the whole process. Even if it is about iPad mini screen replacement that can be found in different service stations. There are three simple steps by which you can downgrade your iOS upgrade on your iPhone.

  • First, put your iOS device to ‘Recovery Mode’
  • Then downgrade your iOS version in your device
  • Then Restore your iOS device backups from recovery mode

Put your device into recovery mode:

In this process, you have to first switch off your iOS device. Then plug your device with a wire cable into your computer. When you have completed your process up to this, you have to connect the wire with your iOS device as well. Now, hold the side button of your iOS button until the ‘Recovery mode’ option appears on the screen. If the recovery mode does not appear on your iOS device, you can switch on to DFU or Device Firmware Update mode. However, take this as the ultimate option. Even if it is about iPhone 7 screen repair it can be done easily.

How to Downgrade your iOS:

Launch iTunes in your Mac or Windows PC manually. It will detect your device in recovery mode and take your preference to do with the file recovery.

  1. Click on Restore button on the iTunes pop-up box
  2. Click on Restore and Update
  3. Click on the ‘Next’ button on iOS 12 Software Updater
  4. Click on ‘Agree’ button to accept the Terms and Conditions

Now your device will reboot from a higher version of iOS to a lower version. When the whole process is completed, just repeat the steps and then again put them on the recovery mode. Now, when the download is complete in your iOS device, the older iOS version will be launched in your device. The best iPhone repair in England can be found in the nearby states and cities. 

Restore your Archived iOS Backup:

In order to get your data backup from the last updated version of iOS in your device, you have to restore your data. In order to do that, you have to again switch on to your computer for the iCloud or iTunes backup mode. Now follow these simple steps to get your data restored.

  • First select Restore from this Backup in iTunes or Finder in Catalina, a MacOS.
  • Now choose the archived backup you had made before installing the older version of your software.

Now that these steps are completed, your iOS device should run in a smooth manner, with the older version of the Operating System. All the old iOS functions will be restored in your iOS device.


You can downgrade your iOS version in your iPhone through these simple steps. For archiving and storing the backups in your device, you can log on to your iTunes or iCloud backup, or you can visit the Ifixed website for storing the data. You can find every type of solutions for iOS device problems and data backup software for your iOS device.