Changing of the integrated chip of the mobile phone is a part of the motherboard repairing when the mobile phone is concerned. The small level micro repair is carried out by the micro process. This micro process is called as the micro soldering. This soldering is the only way to the repairing of the motherboard.

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Best mobile phone service in UKDefining integrated circuit:

The silicon-based small flat surface, which is the base of many circuits together, is known as an integrated chip. Any integrated chip works for multiple ups and downs in the flow of working. Its efficiency has increased worldwide use of the integrated chip.

Their cost and the performance report are the keys to their good books in everyone’s eye. They are the home to many transistors together. These are compact and small and highly positive towards the working capacity and determination.

Issues as a result of damaged IC

Integrated chips of your mobile deal with the charging system of your phone. This might get destroyed or damaged due to the usage of any third-party charger. Thus only using the provided charger is advised.

Along with this, some USB functions and the wake button are also operated by the integrated chips. This means if the integrated chip is damaged the soul working of the phone will be destroyed and that is seen from the points.

Necessary points while you choose to get a mobile repaired.

The charging issue might not be seen so big but is the worst hitting issue. Your phone might be pretty okay and safely working but what if it does not get charged or the phone does not a startup.

The charger other than the provided can harm your integrated chip far from once you can imagine.

You might think of repairing it on your own but that will surely be a bad idea because while doing that you might end up doing something terrific in the motherboard which will even be more harmful.

If you plan to get that done on your own, you should have developed skills in micro soldering from

advance to reduce the changes of any further loss.


As the conclusion is drawn, the very evident fact that such a process is risky to be carried out even by the professionals. A small inch change and the repair is kept aside, but the new thing that will come up will be the destroyed motherboard. This is annoying to hear but the truth is we should not be encouraged to play with the valuable pieces of stuff of our phone by watching some videos. The development of such skills is not easy and one won’t be doing it without any certain purpose.

The final conclusion drawn says that the repair can be done only by professionals such as Ifixed who provide the Best Mobile Phone Service in Welwyn Garden City.