Breaking screens is such a common accident. Even if there is a second of difference, once the phone is out of the catch, the screen is broken. The screen replacement charges are high. Getting the original screen is very important and Ifixed, based in London is the right place for any screen replacement. This company assures the best service. Even an iPad mini screen replacement is done. Further, customer reviews are helpful to know more about the company and how good Ifixed is!

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Ways customer broke their cell-phones:

Every cell -phone user will find these situations relatable. There might be a few lucky ones, who might not have faced the screen braking issue but there is no chance that they dint go through any of the below situations.

  1. Slipping from hand.

For the whole day people seen to have involved in the phone. The phone sticks to their hands. Then there are times when you slip your phone from your hand. This happens when you are busy somewhere else yet are not ready to keep the phone in a safe place. This might also happen when you are doing something with your phone and you are so involved in the complete picture that you remain with no clue about when did your mobile slip.

  1. Water damage

Carrying phones everywhere involves carrying a phone near a place where water is found. Chilling by the poolside and suddenly the phone drops into the pool. This might be due to a careless attitude or you might have not seen that coming while you were busy chilling. Most of the people are habituated to carrying the phone to washrooms. There are many chances, that your phone might fall in there.

  1. Dropped from pocket

Most people using mobiles, tend to keep them in pockets. Even when we know that the mobiles might fall, because we don’t have options either. Slipping from the side or falling from pockets is common.

  1. Fall while trying to pick from a table

There are chances that the phone falls while you are trying to pick that up from where you have kept. This a common issue faced in day to day life.

  1. Slide from lap

We keep the phones in lap while sitting and forget when we stand. This creates an issue of falling phones from lap. Ifixed can be helpful to get you your repair done within less time.


Braking of the screen can be avoided by the proper care of the phone from the beginning. Getting cover for the phone is the first step towards saving your phone. It saves the screen to an extent and the camera and the rest body of the cell phone. iPhone 7 plus screen replacement seems a bit difficult, and, can be avoided by getting the screen protector for the iPhones. There are various types of screen protectors of different types of screen and their strength. While you have known the obvious way that can lead to screen breaking, you must take care of and avoid such situations.