My iPhone 8 screen is broken, and it’s out of warranty. How much does IPhone 8 screen replacement in England cost? This is one of the primary question which arises in your mind when it comes to IPhone repairing. Apart from this, another question arises which is equally important is “where to give your broken IPhone to get it repaired?” Well, in both case, the name is Ifixed mobile repairing center. But, here, we will not discuss about any other thing, but some steps which you need to consider before giving away your smartphone to the repairing center.


Before you take the device

Follow these steps before taking your device to an Ifixed store.

  • Back up your iOS device.
  • Have the Apple ID password. For some repairs, you will need the Apple ID password to erase your device.
  • If possible, take the invoice as the service may require proof of purchase.
  • Take the device and all accessories with which you need help.
  • Carry a personally identifiable document such as a driver’s license, passport, or other valid government-issued ID.
  • Call to see if you need to schedule an appointment before going to the service center if you haven’t already done so. 

How to extract data from a broken iPhone?

This is the first step which you need to do – removing all your private data from your broken IPhone to somewhere safe. If you need to ship an iPhone that is paired with an Apple Watch, un-pair the devices. When unpaired, iPhone creates a backup of Apple Watch. If you want to extract data from your broken screen iPhone, you can do it in 3 ways:

  • Restore Data from iTunes Backup – If you made an iPhone backup in iTunes, then here you can recover data from an iTunes backup.
  • Restore data from ICloud backup – If you did not back up iPhone in iTunes, but you backed up in ICloud, then here you can also recover lost data with ICloud backup .
  • Recover data directly from iPhone – If you have not done any backup before, you can still extract data directly from the device.

Replace broken screen at Ifixed

It is a common fact nowadays, iPhone users break the screen of their mobile phone which is unfortunate, but has a solution with the repair or replacement of the screen. No matter if you are in or out of the iPhone warranty period, you need to pay to replace the broken screen if your damage was accidental, and not a problem with the device itself.

In this case, it is suggested that if your phone is out of warranty then you should take it to the nearest Ifixed mobile repairing center, the best IPhone repair in England. Why will you pay the extra amount to the authorized service center when you can get the same genuine repairing at much affordable price? You can go to an Ifixed store in your city to try to fix the iPhone screen. Contact them for pricing. Usually the repair price at these stores will be lower.