Nowadays, Smartphone comes in various design, camera, and processing power. However, you may not see the breakthroughs while it comes to the battery technology. Sometimes, Smartphone batteries don’t last forever.

Are you fed up with charging your mobile phone every night? If so, don’t worry, here some simple tips will help you to improve your battery life. Explore the ways how to increase battery on your Smartphone. These ways will help to reduce your handset power consumption without making your mobile unusable.

Iphone repair

Avoid Extremes of Cold and Heat

Due to the heat and cold, you phone strain the battery and it will reduce the lifespan. You should avoid leaving your phone in the car because it is the worst culprit. Don’t take your phone in your packet as well as don’t leave your device in front of the sunlight.

Avoid Fast Charging

If your phone charging quickly, it will stress the battery, so you should avoid using fast charging.  The slow charging will help your battery better. You can charge your phone through the computer and smart plugs that will limit the voltage as well as it helps to slow the charge rate. If your iPhone battery drains quicker, you may give it to the iPhone repair services to fix the issues.

Using Black Wallpaper

Is your phone uses an AMOLED display? Most of the famous Android gadgets use this display but iPhone doesn’t. In the screen, each pixel takes a little bit of power to light up. You set the black pixels on your screen is better. So, you should set dark wallpaper and dark themes on applications.

Reduce Your Screen Brightness

A Smartphone Screen is the component which generally uses the most battery power. For saving energy, you should turn down your mobile brightness. Probable, you can use Auto brightness that will save battery by reducing screen brightness automatically. It involves more work for the light sensor. Sometimes, due to the battery drains, some screen repairs or mobile repairs happen.

Delete apps that waste Battery

Look for the batter settings in the applications which use a large amount of energy and delete, restrict or disable it. Some famous applications have ’lite’ versions that will take up less space, use less data, and use less power too. For example- Facebook lite, Messenger lite.

Turn Off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Phone’s Bluetooth and WI-Fi is considered as the serious battery drainer. When you go out of your home, you should toggle it off and then turn it back on within the range of your Wi-Fi network. This will help you to block your phone from sniffing out networks.

Turn On Airplane Mode

The Phone will always be connected in the cellular network that will strain your battery. So, go to the setting options and turn on the airplane mode. It will retain your battery life.

Above these mentioned ways help you to boost your Smartphone’s battery life. If these tips are unable to help you, you may give your mobile at mobile phone repair services.