A hard crash, a blow, or a fall. A little carelessness is enough to threaten our beloved smartphone. Its useful life is threatened by the hand of a broken screen or a button that does not light. But all is not lost – except for very serious problems, there are ways to repair it and avoid having to buy a new one. Knowing how to fix a cell phone can help you rescue the photos and messages you have saved. If you don’t know how to fix IPhone 7 plus screen replacement, you can call the Ifixed technician at your house, where he will have a look at your IPhone, and if it is possible to fix, he will fix it within a short time. You will get your phone back in normal condition. 

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How to dry a cell phone?

Maybe they pushed you into the sink and you had your cell phone in your pocket, or the appliance dropped into the toilet or a drink spilled onto the screen. Whatever the reason, if your cell phone got wet you have to act fast to try to save it. If you are not a professional, it is highly recommended to call the expert rom Ifixed at your house. 

Turn it off

Short circuits and corrosion are two of the main problems that affect the cell phone when wet. The first is solved by turning off the phone immediately. The second, removing the water as quickly as possible. If you can open it, you should also remove the battery at that time.

Dry it and clean it

Once you have cleaned it and removed the water, what follows is to dry it thoroughly. You can do it with a cloth or paper or also using a hair dryer, as long as you throw cold air. If you don’t have, use a fan. It is also advisable to remove all the elements that the phone has. You must remove the SIM card and the memory card -if it had one-.

Absorb moisture

This is achieved by placing the cell phone in a bowl full of rice. To help this method work it is important to properly remove all removable parts – back covers, batteries and everything you can remove from the phone. Leave it several hours for the moisture to go away.

These steps you can perform with general android phones. But, is it possible to open the back case of an IPhone? Is it possible to dismantle the in-build battery from an IPhone? Then what to do? It is recommended to call the Ifixed expert and ask his intervention at your house for IPhone 6 screen replacement.

Mobile phones repair in ifixed 

Whether you need a phone screen repair, or if you are looking for an LCD replacement, a diagnosis, a water damage cleaning or any of ifixed professional services, you can always be assured that the most experienced technicians in the industry will be at your service. Ifixed technicians care about you as much as they care about the repair of your smartphone. So they will keep you informed of all aspects of the repair as they happen.