Yay! Finally, bought your new iPhone 7 which you were planning to since long? You’re excited, putting up un boxing stories on your Instagram and social media. You walk around with pride in your office corridor with your newly bought iPhone and BAMM! Your phone falls of from your hand and you pick it up and see a crack on the screen. It hurts. Such events can ruin your day! 65% of iPhone 7 mobile phone repair complaints are regarding accidental screen damage or cracks. This is mostly due to iPhone’s being slippery as well as at times due to large size it is natural for the phone to fall from the hands.

Apple Inc. is known to introduce the world with smartphones. The iPhone 7 is known for its quality and durability, but we cannot avoid accidental damages, or the natural wear and tear caused. It is not a feasible solution to get a new device as cost is a great factor to be admitted.

iPhone 7 screen repair

What should you do in such cases of damage?

Smart phone repairs are anytime a better option rather than replacing your new phone. Many a times it may be small parts than which are required to be replaced to make the iPhone up, running and brand as new again. If your mobile is under warranty, you should consider an authorized Apple Service Center although accidental damages are not considered under warranty and a fee is required to fix it. Also trying to fix up your screen repair or battery damage through a third-party service centers voids your warranty and insurance.

How do I obtain genuine parts for my out-of-warranty damaged iPhone?

The cost of iPhone repair out-of-warranty is far more in authorized service centers. You should research for online or nearby reliable and trustworthy service centers. Ifixed repairs is one such solution you can approach for. Apple iPhone’s are known for the integration between their hardware and software i.e. the iOS which is quite different than operating systems used by other manufacturers. Certified technicians at Ifixed repairs will ensure that genuine spare parts are used as replacement to your damaged parts of the device also providing a 3-month warranty on all the replaced spare parts.

Will my data be safe if I consider my iPhone 7 repair?

It is obvious we do not have access to the data we store in our phone if it is damaged or not in working condition. Reliable and authentic services provided by Ifixed repairs ensure that in case of hardware parts like iPhone screen repair or battery or headphone jack repair the data is kept safe. They will not wipe your data until utmost necessary and only with your permission.

Although it is advised that if possible do take a backup of your data and reset it to its original factory settings before handing it over to any service centers.

How can I avail the iPhone 7 repair services?

You can take your damaged iPhone and walk-in to your nearest repair center and iFixed repair staff will take care of the rest. Also, if you cannot make it to the service centers, you can mail-in your i Phones for fast repairs. If you require urgent mobile phone repair, you can inform at the Repair Service Centers and they can fix your smart phones while you wait or on the same day with additional fees.