A considerable lot of us have encountered those feared milliseconds when you watch your iPhone tumble from your hands and land with a crash on the ground. We badly hope that by some wonder our iPhone survived the effect. In any case, we pick it and find that the screen is broken into a million little pieces. You let out the required cries and after that you ask yourself -Now What?

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With millions of iPhone sold in the last 3 years alone, it’s no big surprise there are currently such a large number of alternatives for fixing a smashed screen. You can send it back to Apple, purchase a “do it without anyone else’s help kit”, or host an autonomous third party to fix it. In any case, what is the best choice for you? The accompanying info graphic points of interest the pros and cons of the three best alternatives an iPhone client has when they’ve broken their screen.

Fix it yourself:

Many online stores offer the toolkit for replacing your iPhone’s screen by yourself but it has its own pros and cons.

Pros:  You can save some money by doing iPhone screen repair by yourself.


  • You are required to have some basic knowledge of iPhone repair.
  • The quality of the replacement kit is of major concern as you may get defected or entirely wrong part.
  • You require having special tools such as small screw drivers, canned air etc.
  • You may end up confused after opening your phone and might have to spend extra for reassembling of your iPhone.


Go to Apple store:

you can also take your iPhone to your local apple store to get your iPhone screen Repaired.


  • Your will not lose your warranty if you have apple care.
  • Your iPhone will be replaced with a refurbished phone or will be correctly replaced.


  • You may have to pay a huge amount to get your iPhone screen repaired.
  • If apple replace your phone and in case you don’t have iCloud backup your will lose your entire data.
  • Your might have to wait for long period of time to get your phone back after repair.


Go to a trusted third party service center:

you can choose to go to a trusted third party repair center such as Ifixed Repairs.


  • It will not do a hole in your pocket and you can get your iPhone screen repaired from iFixed Repairs at very low costs.
  • We offer additional 3 months warranty on repaired phones.
  • We ensure that you don’t lose your data.
  • We repair your iPhone within an hour and you need not to wait as we will get your iPhone delivered at your doorstep after repair.


  • You may lose your warranty if you have apple care.

Visit Ifixed Repair for getting your iPhone screen repaired at very reasonable prices.