Uhhh Ohhh! Your iPhone needs repair and you want to eventually get it repaired at affordable rates and let’s be honest that iPhone repair can cost you lots of bucks. Few options available to get your iPhone repaired are either take it to an Apple store or send an email to Apple customer care to request for repair service. You cannot try to fix it yourself since it is much harder than you think it to be.  

Iphone repair

Well, thinking of something apart from taking your iPhone to an Apple store is now possible with the help of few technologists who are trying to make the concept of iPhone repair easy and affordable. Everyone is aware that iPhones are highly-priced and thus its repair charges are also great. With the introduction of repair services by other companies buying replacement parts or getting iPhone repaired is now easy. But Apple thinks that getting phones repaired from outside is a bad idea and it not at all promotes the fact that they should be repaired from other technologists. Believing that over the years the replacement done to your iPhone would reduce the quality of your original phone.  

iPhone users who live in urban areas can easily get their phones repaired from the Apple store since they can get Apple stores located near their house or in nearby areas. Those who live in rural areas often are not able to find a franchise store and thus have a tough time to get their device fixed or sometimes they even have to wait for long. It is when you can rely on the services offered by Ifixed Repairs. The services can be availed in almost every part of the country at comparatively low rates. It is an authorized service provider that is serving a large customer base for years.  

Process of getting iPhone fixed 

The process of getting an iPhone repaired from its franchise store is quite long. Since at first, you have to book an appointment online and then the phones can also be sent to the authorised Apple service provider. They generally offer an exchange of the iPhone if the phone is in warranty. If there are severe problems in the phone and it has been sent to the Apple store for repair then the turnaround time can be weeks sometimes. Whether it is an iPhone screen repair or battery replacement repairs are done by iFixed repairs and they offer quality services to all its customers. It is an independent repair shop that is much faster that sometimes offers same day repair for minor or common problems such as battery replacement, the problem in the charging port, etc. Charges are quite minimal and less than Apple’s out-of-warranty fees.  

The parts provided by ifixed repairs are of better quality than what is offered by other third-party repair shops. You can get your iPhone repaired at a price that is a lot cheaper than the Apple authorised store. The parts are of great quality. You should also not forget that Apple erases all previous data before repairing them but ifixed repairs don’t do that.