In recent times, people show a deep interest in buying an iPhone. This is because of the features of iPhone like working much faster, having better hardware and software integration, being easy to use, the ability to update OS when even required, working efficiently with mac, getting good support and help. With these high features, the iPhones have to be looked carefully to avoid any kind of damages.  In case of any damage, it may lose its features and also costs more to repair them. Damages can be natural, but it is a person’s responsibility to take care of iPhone without facing big disasters.

Here are some precautions to avoid iPhone repair:

Iphone repair

Screen is fixable

It is common to drop a mobile phone while using. But in the case of iPhone, it is slippery and can slip easily. To avoid these cases, use a back case cover not so slippery so that the risk of falling down can be reduced.  In the case of iPhone screen repair, it is possible to fix it. There is only need of replacement of combined LCD-Digitizer screen module in the iPhone 2G.  In the case of iPhone 3G and 3Gs, only the digitizer needs to be replaced.

Protect From Rain

Water is one of the things that iPhones should be saved from. Raining is natural and it is also important to carry a mobile phone while going out. In such a case, it is good to have a zip pouch or waterproof cover which protects an iPhone from rainwater.

Avoid Mobile Phone during Driving

Most important advice given to the people who drive vehicles is “Do not use mobile phones while driving”. It may distract the concentration on the other side it may also lead to mobile phone repair. If there is an emergency to pick up the call it is advised to use a headset or Bluetooth device to attend calls since there will not be any risk of dropping or damage in mobile phones.

Aware of being stolen and note IMEI number

Being aware of stolen of things are always important in case of any belongings. When it comes in the case of iPhones, the risk of being stolen is also high. To avoid such risk, it is possible to track the mobile phone in case of both iPhones and Android phones. Moreover, it is also advisable to note IMEI number which is unique all over the world and used to find the mobile when and where ever repaired. They are found under battery pack of mobile or by dialing *#06# in the key the IMEI number can be noted.

Caution towards kids to use iPhone

Generally, it is common for all kids to have the interest to play with a mobile phone. But they do not know how to handle and what should not be done in an iPhone. They are mostly fond of mobile games and they download without knowledge, drop mobile, this may lead to damage or screen repair. Safeguarding mobile phones from kids can prevent mobile phones from getting damage.