Apple grew big with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, equipping its iconic phones with a larger touch screen. Many people have enjoyed them, but unfortunately, people had complained that their iPhones simply turned off, or does not work even after software update. Here, we will see the basic problems which occurs after the software update, and their solution.

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Problem: iPhone too slow

There have been some reports that iPhone becoming very slow, especially after receiving an update. If you notice that there are response delays when you touch or slide the screen, or applications that take a few seconds to open, there are some things you can check. Start by restarting your iPhone. Hold and continuously press wake / sleep button and home buttons at the same time. You will see the logo of the company. If that doesn’t help, call the Ifixed  Repairs, IPhone Repair Service Centre right now. Do not do anything foolish on your own.

Problem: GPS does not work

Many people have encountered problems in the GPS function of the iPhone after update. They may be using Apple Maps, Google Maps or any other application that uses GPS, but consider that its update is inaccurate or very slow. That said, it can still work well when connected to Wi-Fi. Check Settings> Privacy> Location Services, and make sure that Location Services is activated at the top. Then, verify the rest of the configuration, making sure you have not deactivated anything important.

Problem: iPhone screen freezes

Some iPhone 6, and 6 Plus users have discovered that their device’s screen stops responding when using applications. It is known that the problem occurs several times in a single day. Press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears to reset your iPhone. Factory reset, restoring your device as a new phone, or restoring it from a backup. It is better to not to do anything on your own, but giving a call to the Ifixed professional.

Problem: Flashing red screen

Several owners of iPhone reported a problem in which the screen of their iPhone lights (or blinks) in red before displaying the Apple logo. Sometimes the problem goes away by itself, and comes back later, and sometimes it stays and the screen refuses to turn off – very common after the update. Simultaneously press the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons together for 10 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo. If not, then call the Ifixed professional at your house for home repairing.

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