Accidents happen. But smartphones such as iPhone 6, 6s, 7 or, Samsung s7 that are drowned by rain, pool or, beer lead the list with the biggest causes of loss of handsets. Contact with liquids can be highly detrimental to the hardware and, result in total damage. The damage can cause battery replacement, Samsung screen replacement, microchip replacement, etc. So, you can understand how costly it could be. Damage parts can be repaired but, in case of water damage you have to change the parts. For that, you must need professional smartphone service centre such as Ifixed. Once deliver the damage phone, you will get back the phone as brand new after repairing at affordable cost with ZERO issues. 

mobile phone repair

But, by following a few procedures, the device can be saved from massive damage. But, the only option is to trust the expert technicians from the Ifixed.

Contact with liquid? Switch off immediately

Your inseparable smartphone has decided to swim in other beaches when you least expect it. You finally get to rescue it and, what you do next? Call again to see if it’s working? Do not do this unless you want to lose it for good. When it is turned on, there is a greater chance of short-circuit. This is the worst thing that can happen because water is highly conducive to electricity. After disconnecting the device, remove the battery and then the other components – case, chip and, micro SD card, if any. If the model has the built-in battery, such as the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 or, higher model, remove the rear cover normally. In this case there will be no further damage. And, your iPhone 6 repair will be affordable. 

Check the humidity indicator

The first thing to do is take the cell phone out of the water immediately. The longer it gets immersed, the harder it will be to recover. Some phones such as Apple phones have indicators of how much contact with water or, any other liquid the smartphone had. With the aid of a flashlight, you can see a small red light in the holes at the bottom of the smartphone, which indicates the intensity of the liquid reaching the device. 

Remove excess water ASAP

With a dry cloth or, very absorbent paper towel, remove excess water from the appliance, small cracks and between the keys. You can count on the help of a vacuum cleaner to finish off this step by directing the nozzle into the holes of the phone. Some solutions like leaving the cell in a pot with rice or with silica gel are controversial. As they can bring other problems to the cell phone. If you want, the help of the hair dryer may be good. But, use only with a cold jet as the heat can damage the device. 

These are all part of the primary precautions. But, they are not recommended to do at home. The ideal thing is to collect the phone, switch it off, dismantle the rear case and, battery and, handover it to the Ifixed technicians.